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Payment Processing Support FAQs

BluePay is here for you with answers to your questions about payment processing solutions for various types of business— large and small — in every industry. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or issues that are not addressed here.

What is meant by an “all-in-one” solution?

BluePay offers an entire suite of seamlessly integrated enterprise-level credit card processing products, allowing for a unification of the payment process across your entire corporation. Our omni-channel platform can handle all different types of inputs, whether you are processing on a mobile device, hand-keying, swiping, batch uploading or transferring payment data through your ERP system or business software — we can do it all.

My operation is complex, with many working parts. How can this approach be effective?

Our solutions are customizable. Through our expert consultation services, we analyze your processes and find ways to integrate into your existing business plan and encompass every division that receives payments. At BluePay, we offer a high degree of professional guidance and a strong attention to detail, providing a full array of innovative products and solutions.

How do I know exactly what I’ll need?

We will work with you as part of our consulting services, determining and discussing your short and long-term goals to ensure that we provide you with the optimal solutions for your needs now and in the future.

What type of payments can BluePay process on the enterprise level?

BluePay provides processing solutions that encompass payments such as major credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, corporate purchase cards, fleet cards, government cards, large ticket purchases and process levels 1, 2 and 3 transactions. If you want to learn more about enterprise processing in Canada, click here.

What kind of payments can I accept from my e-commerce website?

BluePay’s e-commerce solutions include major credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments, along with corporate purchase cards, fleet cards, government cards, large ticket purchases and process levels 1, 2 and 3 transactions.

Is my e-commerce website PCI compliant?

By choosing BluePay’s certified e-commerce solutions, we greatly reduce your PCI scope and make it easier and less expensive to become PCI compliant. BluePay’s e-commerce solutions comply with PCI Data Security Standards. We partner with approved scanning vendors to assist merchants in completing the proper SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) to be compliant. The SAQ is required on an annual basis for every merchant accepting electronic payments. For more information about PCI Compliance, please see the BluePay PCI FAQ here.

I already have an established e-commerce website. Can I use BluePay’s service?

Yes! Our service integrates with major shopping carts to streamline the transaction process, allowing for efficient online shopping and accurate reporting.

Can I embed a credit card payment form in my e-commerce website?

Yes! For an alternative to major shopping cart services, you can embed secure payment forms in your e-commerce website. BluePay secure payment forms are hosted on our server and help reduce your PCI scope.

What methods of payment does BluePay’s retail merchant services allow me to process?

BluePay’s flexible retail credit card processing solutions allow you to accept major credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, corporate purchase cards, fleet cards, government cards, large ticket purchases and process levels 1, 2 and 3 transactions.

How can BluePay’s retail services save me money?

Our processing rates for retail are consistently low, rated as low as less than 1 percent. What’s more, our Free Merchant Account Terminal Program makes things affordable if you’re just getting started or need new terminals. We offer the following types of terminals as part of our program: traditional, wireless, EMV and NFC-enabled, mobile and virtual terminals. Furthermore, our card processing terminals are efficient, saving time and improving customer service.

Does the size of my retail establishment matter?

We offer solutions for retailers of all size and scope, selling any kind of products. Our combination of payment flexibility, a wide range of available terminals and PCI compliance allow us to offer the perfect solution for your retail establishment, large or small.

How do BluePay’s retail services increase sales?

By streamlining the retail payment processing system, our services allow you to increase the number of transactions you can perform in a given period of time. As your checkout speed increases and your data verifications become more efficient, your customer service will naturally improve, along with your sales.

What front-end equipment and back-end accounting programs are compatible with BluePay’s restaurant credit card processing services?

You can synchronize a variety of front-end and back-end equipment and programs with our services, such as Aldelo, Aloha, Squirrel, POS Value Exchange and Micros. Our payment processing solutions are integrated into more than 200 POS systems, and are custom designed to save you from any compatibility issues. In addition, restaurants using BluePay’s equipment can quickly and easily transfer restaurant tabs and add gratuity and speed up your checkout line. With an efficient restaurant merchant account, you get easy-to-use software and hardware, so you can focus more on food service and less on payment processing. Our solutions are flexible enough to grow with your establishment and custom designed so you can meet all of your needs efficiently in the process.

What sort of restaurants are BluePay’s restaurant processing solutions made for?

Restaurants can be unique, and each type of restaurant presents a unique payment processing need. At BluePay we understand this reality and we offer customizable solutions. Our experienced professionals work with you to tailor your solutions — from payment features to processing equipment — to fit your needs, whether you’re in fine dining, fast food or anywhere in between.

Can BluePay help keep my patrons' data safe?

Our services and equipment utilize the latest advancements in credit card data security technology, including P2PE (point-to-point encryption) and tokenization. P2PE secures your patrons’ credit card data throughout the entire process, from swipe to authorization. Tokenization replaces your stored, sensitive credit card information with tokens that, if stolen, are useless to thieves. Our in-house risk team monitors for fraud and offers support 24/7, giving you an added level of security and trust.

Are BluePay’s hotel credit card processing services just for large hotel chains? Or smaller operations?

Our services are scalable and customizable; we’ll work with you whether you regularly fill hundreds of rooms at a chain of luxury resorts or just a handful at your bed and breakfast. Our professionals are experienced and can work with you to make our flexible solutions work for operations of any size — whether you are using a standalone terminal or hotel management software.

How difficult is it to get set up with BluePay hotel credit card processing?

Identifying your needs and ultimately getting your BluePay hotel and motel credit card services set up is simple and affordable. Our all-in-one solution is hassle-free, saving you from having to sink resources into the process and deal with multiple vendors.

Do BluePay hotel credit card processing services include online payment options?

Online payment capabilities can be included as part of our comprehensive payment processing solutions. Our online capabilities include payments and reservations.

How many different types of payments will BluePay’s payment processing services allow me to accept?

At BluePay we work with you to determine your appropriate credit card processing needs and goals. From there, we help you customize a merchant account solution that best fits your business. The various forms of payments you will be able to accept, from credit and debit cards to checks, will depend on your needs.

What is pay at the pump processing?

Pay at the pump processing is a convenient gas station service that most customers have come to expect when fueling up. Drivers swipe their credit card or debit card right at the gas pump, fill up their gas tanks, and collect their receipt without ever having to walk away from their car.

What are the benefits of pay at the pump processing?

Today’s drivers expect fast, convenient services when stopping at the gas station. Pay at the pump processing eliminates the need to lock up the car, walk inside and pay the cashier at the counter before filling up — saving a great deal of time and hassle. In addition, pay at the pump allows gas station attendants more time to focus on other tasks and in-store customers for improved service.

How does a gas station accept fleet cards and credit cards safely?

PCI compliance is required for any merchant accepting credit cards for business. By complying with PCI standards, gas stations can help to protect their customers from the risk of credit card fraud, while protecting their business from the heavy consequences of compromised data. For example, point-to-point encryption (P2EE) is a security feature that ensures sensitive data is encrypted from the point of swipe to authorization. Address Verification Systems (AVS) ask customers for their zip codes to verify accounts.

What is a fleet card?

A fleet card is a payment card that is ideal for businesses with company vehicles that must be closely monitored and managed. An HVAC company with several service trucks, for example, uses fleet cards to manage fuel expenses. With fleet card merchant account services, gas stations can accept major fleet cards securely and efficiently.

Can my B2B business benefit from large ticket processing?

Yes. This is one service that BluePay offers among many others. Businesses that process electronic transactions from other businesses qualify for lower wholesale interchange rates depending on the type of business card used. Designated B2B hardware and/or software is needed to qualify. Corporate/purchasing card transactions are eligible for levels 2 and 3 processing. Click here to see more information on business card processing.

What B2B clients does BluePay serve?

BluePay's B2B, B2G (business-to-government), corporate, purchasing and large ticket processing is flexible, and some of our partners include associations, government agencies, utilities and property managers. Your business or government clientele can be managed with ease when you work with us for B2B credit card processing, thanks to fast and efficient transactions. Transactions can be integrated with our secure payment gateway to process level 2 and level 3 transactions.

Can a BluePay merchant account be integrated into my existing B2B online software?

Yes, there is no need to replace the entire system, because BluePay offers simple integration and online account management through a secure payment gateway. Your merchant account can be used to process purchasing cards, business/corporate credit cards and ACH/eChecks.

Why should I consider BluePay as the credit card processor for my nonprofit organization?

Donor revenue is the lifeblood of a nonprofit organization. To generate this revenue, nonprofits need the right type of payment technology to make donating easy. With BluePay, it's easy to encourage people to make donations without fuss. Pursuing your organization's objectives will be a breeze when you work with us for nonprofit credit card processing. With our tried and tested way of improving donor retention, along with our recurring billing functionality, supporting your cause has never been more straightforward. To reduce PCI scope, BluePay offers secure hosted donation forms along with integration into many nonprofit software programs.

Can I use BluePay to maximize donations?

Yes, when someone wants to support your cause, checks, credit cards and debit cards can be used with BluePay nonprofit payment processing. The electronic payments can be completed on the hosted payment forms, which are both flexible and secure. In this day and age, many nonprofit organizations manage banking, bill payments and shopping online, making it easy to get everything completed in one go. This saves you time and allows for seamless functioning, which maximizes overall donations.

Will BluePay payment processing solutions help me retain existing donors?

Big and small clients trust us, so you can have faith in our services. If donors are unable to give with ease, they may not make a donation at all. That’s why it is important to allow people to make swift one-time donations or set up recurring donations. BluePay's nonprofit credit card processing offers these options, and if you already have an active account that donors use, we will integrate our system into it! With auto-generated receipts, you can increase your ability to retain donors.

How does BluePay help Canadian businesses accept credit card payments?

Powered by Scotiabank and People's Trust, our Canadian merchant credit card processing services let you focus on the important areas of company success. From reducing costs to customizing your merchant account solution, BluePay makes it easier for Canadian businesses to accept payment by credit and debit cards.

Does BluePay offer mobile credit card processing in Canada?

Yes. We offer a full suite of services to help Canadian merchants accept payment on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and other tablets and smartphones.

How do I determine my payment processing needs with BluePay Canada?

However you want to receive payments, we can help because our technology is flexible. BluePay works with the latest payment technology available in Canada.

How does BluePay help banks serve commercial banking clients?

Offering business-banking members a BluePay merchant account helps simplify their business processes and gives them access to secure payment processing. Your commercial clients get a powerful business tool, and you gain a deeper relationship by serving as a solution-provider to bank customers.

Is BluePay PCI compliant for banks?

Yes, BluePay puts security first through PCI-compliant payment processing. Your banking customers value security — it’s why they trust you with their assets — and we place the highest priority on data security, encryption and fraud protection.

Does BluePay offer banks referral rewards?

Yes, your bank earns a reward from BluePay for every referral you make. We grow our business through trusted referrals, just like you do. Our referral rewards are just one way to thank you for considering us a trusted partner.

How will BluePay improve my credit union business?

If you offer financial solutions to an expanding member base and want to enhance security while providing quality electronic payment services, consider using a risk-free program like BluePay. With our Hosted Payment Forms and cash advance services, you can be a step ahead of competitors.

How does a BluePay dedicated account specialist help my credit union?

Credit unions that choose to partner with us can get advice, guidance and support from a dedicated account specialist. Our team offers world-class support and understands that key financial services are vital for business success. By talking to a member of our team about your wants, needs and desires, you can customize merchant account services to meet the needs of your credit union members.

How can BluePay help our credit union offer greater value to members?

Credit union small business members need a secure payment solution to accept payments and improve their bottom line. When your credit union partners with BluePay, you’re helping your members manage their payment processing needs. It’s one of the many ways you serve your members and work for them as a partner in their success.

My company’s credit card revenue is less than $10,000 a month. Can I still set up a merchant account?

If you’ve been told your business is too small by other credit card processors, BluePay is here to help. We customize solutions for companies of all sizes, whether you’re a mom-and-pop retailer or a small company ready to make a leap to the next level.

What technology do I need to start accepting credit cards?

Our Guide to Accepting Credit Cards for Small Business Owners is a good place to start. You’ll learn about different options for accepting payment, including what equipment you might need. Be sure to ask us about mobile payment processing for small businesses too!

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