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BluePay’s merchant processing solutions help businesses cut costs, increase revenue and maintain an efficient, secure payment network.

Merchant Support FAQs

BluePay is here for you with answers to your questions about fees, ordering supplies and working through some common problems. 

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How do I update my merchant account information such as DBA, checking information, address, and contact information?

Our support team can be reached via the following methods:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 866-739-8324
  • Online merchant portal ticket: submit a support ticket by logging into CardPointe  and navigating to "Support".
Where can I find the terms and conditions of my merchant account?

Please view your Program Guide from our Resource Library at

How do I order supplies or decals and signage for card acceptance?

Please contact our Merchant Support team at:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 866-739-8324
  • Online merchant portal ticket: submit a support ticket by logging into CardPointe and navigating to "Support".
How do I order new equipment or upgrade my existing hardware?

Please contact Merchant Support at:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 866-739-8324
  • Online Merchant Portal ticket: submit a support ticket by logging into CardPointe and navigating to > "Support".
How do I read my statement?

Please review a sample statement on our website at to guide you through your merchant statement, and contact us with further questions at [email protected] or by calling 866-739-8324. You can also submit a support ticket by logging into CardPointe and navigating to > "Support".

When will I receive deposits for the transactions I have processed?

Deposits generally post to a merchant’s bank account within 1-3 business days after the transaction is processed based on the day and time the transaction/batch is settled. Typical funding is within 48 hours for transactions settled Monday-Thursday. Friday transactions are available Monday and Saturday and Sunday transactions are available on Tuesday. Specific account settings may impact the deposit timeframe.

Is there any way to receive my deposits faster?

Multiple factors contribute to funding time for a merchant account. If you would like to see if you are eligible to receive your deposits faster, please contact us at 866-739-8324.

When will processing fees be debited from my bank account?

The billing cycle for processing fees is for transactions run the first through the last day of the calendar month. Your merchant statement will be generated, and the debit will post between the 2nd and the 5th of the following month, depending upon holidays and weekends.*

*BlueChex ACH transactions processed through the BluePay Gateway are invoiced separately, and fees are debited around the 6th of the month.

I received notification of a chargeback or that a cardholder is disputing a transaction. What do I do?

If one of your customers disputes a charge from your business, you receive a chargeback notification. The notification includes details of the original transaction and next steps. Please follow the instructions listed on the chargeback notification as quickly as possible, as chargebacks are time-sensitive. If you feel your business requires our online dispute tool, please contact us at 866-739-8324.

Can I accept American Express?

Merchant accounts are set up to accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express card types unless you specify otherwise during your account setup. To add or remove card types including PIN Debit, EBT, WEX, and Voyager, please contact us at [email protected] or call 866-739-8324. You can also submit a support ticket by logging into CardPointe and navigating to > "Support".

Do I qualify for reporting to the IRS? What is a Form 1099-K?

The IRS requires that a Payment Settlement Entity (PSE), such as BluePay, report the payment volume processed by qualified U.S. merchants each calendar year.

If your merchant account meets both of the following conditions, your business qualifies for IRS reporting:

  • Processed more than $20,000 in gross sales for goods and services during the calendar year AND
  • Processed more than 200 transactions in the calendar year

These thresholds are based on the combined gross sales volume processed on all accounts that use the same Tax Identification Number (TIN). If you have multiple accounts operating under the same TIN, the processing volume will be combined for all accounts to see if you meet the threshold.

A 1099-K is the tax form that is given to the IRS to report your processing volume. BluePay also sends a copy to each individual business by tax ID.

When will I receive my 1099-K?

Merchants’ 1099-K forms for a given calendar year are mailed in January for the prior year via the US Postal Service.

How are the numbers for the “Amount” and “Transaction Count” fields calculated?

These numbers are based on your gross sales on the transaction date of the sales. Cash sales are not included in the reported numbers. Because of the IRS reporting requirement, the amount shown on the 1099-K will be different from the amount settled into your bank account. The differences are due to possible refunds, chargebacks or holds. Please keep in mind, the difference may also be caused by the amount of gross sales vs. net sales after deductions are subtracted from the gross sales.

What time zone is used to report transactions?

Transactions are reported by our systems to the IRS based on a standardized time zone known as the UTC. All users in CardPointe will see time stamps reflecting the time zone that their user is set to under the administration tab. For example, if two employees work for the same merchant but are set to two different time zones, the time stamps in CardPointe would reflect differently to them based on the time zone designated in their user setup.

Do nonprofit organizations receive a 1099-K?

Yes, all accounts meeting the requirements, including nonprofits, will receive a 1099-K from BluePay.

The information on my 1099-K is incorrect. How can I update it and receive a revised form?

If you need a revised 1099-K form, please contact us for assistance at 866-739-8324.

Where do I find the account ID and secret key in my BluePay Gateway?

Please visit the BluePay Gateway and login to your account. Click on "Admin" > "Accounts" > "List," and then select "View". Your Account ID is listed under "Account Information" on the right hand side. To locate your secret key, scroll down to the "Website Integration" section.

How do I reconcile ACH transactions in the BluePay Gateway?

After logging into your account, please go to “Processing” and select “ACH Reconciliation”.

How do I learn more about how to use the BluePay Gateway?

To make sure all of our merchants are comfortable navigating and using the gateway, we've created several short videos that walk through the various features and functionalities. View the BluePay Gateway video tutorials by navigating to "Resource Library" > "Videos: Product Info & Tutorials".

How do I update the time on my terminal?


  1. Press green Enter key.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Enter password.
  4. Scroll to Date/Time and update.


  1. Press System.
  2. Select Date & Time.
  3. If incorrect, select NO.
  4. Hit Clear.
  5. Enter new date and time.
  6. Press Enter.

Please visit our Terminal Guides page to view/download more information on your terminal equipment.

Am I required to support EMV?

You are not required by law to support EMV at this time. However, you may be putting yourself and your customers at risk, as fraud liability migrates to non-EMV-enabled parties. Fraudsters will be targeting businesses who haven’t implemented an EMV solution. BluePay recommends ensuring that your POS terminal(s) are chip-capable and that your payment processing application can accept EMV chip cards.

Do you supply terminals that are EMV-compatible? How can I get EMV-compatible equipment?

If you are interested in upgrading to EMV-enabled equipment, please contact us at 866-739-8324, so we can provide suggestions that will work with your current processing solution(s).

I received a “call center” message on my terminal/gateway. What does this mean and what do I do?

This response indicates that a voice authorization is required. Please call the number provided and have your merchant ID, the full card number, expiration date and amount available. If approved, you will be provided an authorization code and the transaction will need to be entered into your processing solution. If you need assistance, please call 866-739-8324.

I ran a credit card and it came back as declined. What does this mean and what do I do?

Decline responses indicate that the attempted payment was not successful. There are many reasons that a card could be declined. All decline responses come from the bank that issues the card. If your customer’s card was declined and they need more information, please advise them to contact their bank.

Do you have mobile options to process credit cards?

Yes, we offer two options for mobile processing:

  • BluePay Mobile EMV Processing App - Integrated with your existing mobile or mobile -web application, the BluePay app allows you to process chip-card payments. All transaction information is passed directly to the BluePay Gateway for ease of reporting and reconciliation.
  • Clover Go - Using an app on a smartphone or tablet, combined with a Bluetooth-enabled wireless terminal, users can accept dipped, swiped, or tapped transactions on the go.

For additional information on either solution, please visit our Mobile Credit Card Processing page, or contact us at 866-739-8324.

I’m using one of your previous mobile services. Where do I go for assistance?

As the industry changes and additional products and services become available, we sometimes change our product offerings to suit our merchants. However, we understand that we have some legacy merchants utilizing previous products and services. Below you will find information regarding the previous mobile products that we offered:

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