CoPilot Partner Portal

From navigating CoPilot to accessing API documentation to understanding your residuals, we know you may have questions. Here are some answers.

What is CoPilot?

CoPilot is the partner-facing platform where you’ll be able to manage your portfolio, track merchant applications, access reporting and monitor residuals all in one place.

When will I have access to CoPilot?

Account activation is scheduled for the first week in September. You will receive an email notification with instructions on how to set up your account.

If I don’t receive an email with login credentials, who do I contact?

Contact your support team. See contact information in “Partner Support” section above.

Will I still be able to log into Pulse?

Pulse will be sunset on Monday, October 1st.

How much of my portfolio will be visible when I log in?

All of your merchants and three months of historical transaction data will be readily available in CoPilot.

When can I board new accounts in CoPilot?

You will be able to board new accounts by Monday, October 1st.

When will I be able to see my residuals?

Residuals for September will be posted the week of October 21st. You will receive an email notification when residual data has been published, and be able to view it under the Residuals tab on the CoPilot dashboard.

Will training be available?

Visit our CoPilot communications page here to see webinar recordings for topics like application submission, residuals and ticketing, and CardPointe.

Or view the full CoPilot demo below:

Is CoPilot specific to any one type of partner?

The CoPilot partner portal is designed to help all our partners (ISVs, VARs, ISOs, Agents, and Financial Institutions) manage their merchant portfolios.

Is there a place where I can add the terminal information for a file build?

In the ticketing section of CoPilot, enter any parameters you need for a file build, and our boarding team will work closely with the notes to build it per the request.

Can I choose if a new merchant is boarded on North or Omaha?

Although you can specify the platform, we encourage new merchant accounts be boarded on the North platform for speed of underwriting and boarding, as well as options for POS functionality and hardware. North will be the default platform going forward; however, if you need a merchant to be boarded on Omaha, please indicate that on the CoPilot digital application in the “Application Platform” field, or complete the Omaha paper application here and upload it to CoPilot.

Are existing MIDs being changed to North?

Not at this time. They will remain on Omaha for the foreseeable future.

Is North versus Omaha better for hard-wired terminals?

This depends on the terminal itself. Specific terminals, like the VX520, are only compatible on the Omaha platform, but other terminals, like the FD130, can be leveraged on North. If you are uncertain about compatibility of a specific device, please contact your Partner Development Manager, or reach out to CardConnect Partner Solutions at 877.828.0730 or [email protected].

Moving forward with North, will this mean I can now access POS systems that are Nashville front end to North back end?

Yes, all our partners now have access to the POS systems on the North back end. A dynamic certified listing of different options is available in the Knowledge Center ( under “Terminal, POS and Gateway Matrices and Pricing” to help provide the best solution for the merchant.

Will I be able to migrate a current merchant on the Omaha back end to the North back end for next-day funding?

In order to leave all merchants on their existing platform, a plan is currently in development to improve the funding timeframes for Omaha merchants. Depending on the account itself, we are able to leverage different back ends to arrive at the best solution for the merchant.

If you have an urgent need to move a merchant before the new timeframes are in place, please contact your Partner Development Manager, or reach out to CardConnect Partner Solutions at 877.828.0730 or [email protected]. At this time, we are unable to move large blocks of merchants to new platforms.

What is the Plaid service used in conjunction with the online merchant application?

Plaid is the optional service used to connect merchants’ bank accounts to CardConnect’s funding file. During the merchant-facing electronic application process, when a merchant arrives at the point to verify banking information, they will have an option to type in their user name and password for online banking credentials. This automatically links their bank account to their new merchant account and approves their ACH file for deposit or withdrawal. The service is optional and is used in lieu of providing alternative bank verification documents, such as a voided check or bank letter which are accepted as well, for bank verification at the time of sign up.

Is a voided check required for the application?

If Plaid is not used, a voided check or bank letter will be required.

I would like to use a paper application in the field and manually enter into the system. How do I do so?

Log into CoPilot and create a new account. Prepopulate the application and save it as a PDF to get a hard signature. In CoPilot in the online field, “How will the Merchant sign the Application?” select “I will upload a Physical Signature” from the dropdown menu. Once you have the signed application package, upload the signed PDF to the original record in CoPilot and submit it.

When will I receive a copy of the new paper application?

Beginning October 1, please submit new merchant applications using CoPilot's digital application or CardConnect's paper application. The applications are available in the Knowledge Center under "Merchant Applications", or download the apps and program guides here: North MPA, North Program Guide, Omaha MPA, Omaha Program Guide.

Does the electronic application system send out a PDF for a merchant to print from their email, if desired?

With the new CoPilot online application, merchants have an opportunity to review and see their application online, so there is no need for the system to email a PDF copy of the application. However, if a merchant specifically requests a PDF copy, partners can download it from the “Attachments” section of the merchant’s profile after the account has gone through underwriting.

Is a merchant able to receive an application without an email address?

Yes, a partner can download a PDF of a merchant application and manually sign up a merchant. Please note, if a merchant wants to receive credentials to access CardPointe, they will need an email address.

Will I need to learn how to price and understand fees on new accounts?

While we encourage all partners to understand merchant pricing, there will not be any changes required with how you board new accounts. In order to support our partners, in addition to your Partner Development Manager (PDM), you now also have access to a large partner support team, as well as internal sales teams, which will help you make the best decisions for your merchants. You also have access to a Support Center with great information.

Can I modify my application templates?

Yes, any information itself within a live application will be editable from what you included in the template. Pricing templates make it easier to prepopulate information, but CoPilot will let you override what you had in the template, at any point, if you want to make changes.

What does the “Clone Account” function do in CoPilot?

When adding a new account for an existing customer, you can save time by reusing account details from the customer's existing merchant account(s). For instance, if a merchant wanted to apply for a new merchant account for one of his/her other business locations, you can clone the existing account, rather than starting from scratch to create a new account.

In CoPilot, does the “Admin” setting for Users automatically turn on all of the notification emails as a default, or do I have to login and set them?

Regardless of user, notifications will not be turned on by default. You need to log in and choose which functions to receive email notifications for.

How can I prevent my merchants from ordering terminals that won’t function with the BluePay Gateway?

To disable this functionality on a merchant-by-merchant basis, log into CoPilot, navigate to “Partners” > “Profile” > “Settings” and check the “Hide CardPointe Marketplace Tab” and uncheck “Enable Straight Through Boarding through Marketplace”. If you need to disable this functionality for a larger number of merchants, please submit a ticket in CoPilot, and the Partner Solutions team will assist with your request.

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