CardPointe Merchant Portal

Learn more about the new merchant portal, CardPointe.

Introducing CardPointe: A New Revolutionary Merchant Portal

CardPointe, the new BluePay merchant portal, is guaranteed to simplify the way you manage your merchant account, track payments, service your account, and includes a new mobile application for when you’re on the go.

BluePay helps our customers every step of the way — with easy-to-use merchant applications, a frictionless onboarding process, an extensive resource library of user guides and training materials, and account managers committed to making your relationship with BluePay a rewarding and pleasant one. Explore the resources below to find out how.

When do I get a login for CardPointe?

All of our merchants will have access to CardPointe by October 1, 2018. Watch for an email from [email protected] with activation details.

Where do I go to view my account information?

CardPointe will be the new site to access your merchant account information online after September 30, 2018. Bookmark

Where can I download the CardPointe mobile app?

The CardPointe mobile app is available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

How will I access my merchant statements?

To view recent statements, navigate to “Reporting” > “Statements”. Click the date on the left to download a PDF of that month’s statement to your computer.

How many months of statements and transaction history will be available in CardPointe?

Three months of statements and 90 days of transaction, batch and settlement history will be available when the tool launches in October. Additional data will continuously be added once the tool is launched.

How do I add additional users?

You can add users quickly and easily within the merchant portal by navigating to “Administration” > “Users”. The advanced functionality of CardPointe allows you to select the specific permissions and features you’d like your users to access.

Can I submit a support ticket online?

Yes. Visit the “Support” tab within CardPointe to submit a ticket for merchant services.

I don’t see my batches in the Gateway Batches tab in CardPointe. Where can I view these?

Navigate to “Reporting” > “Funding” > “Funded Batches” to view all of the transactions for any deposited batch.

How can I tell if I have been paid for processed transactions?

Navigate to “Reporting” > “Funding” to view all funding events associated with your merchant account.

Should I process transactions using the Virtual Terminal in CardPointe?

While new transactions can be processed in the Virtual Terminal of the CardPointe merchant portal, we recommend you use it as a back-up to your standard system used to process transactions. Please note that refund and void functionalities can only be used on transactions run on the Virtual Terminal in CardPointe. If you need to void or refund transactions processed outside of CardPointe, they will need to be done in the system the original “sale” transaction was run.

Will I continue to get a separate statement for my gateway, PCI, and mobile EMV fees?

With the rollout of the CardPointe merchant portal, we are able to streamline and consolidate these fees onto your monthly merchant statement. Please note, equipment purchases and ACH/eCheck fees will continue to be invoiced separately through December 2018.

Where can I go to see my BlueChex / ACH monthly statements?

Statements for BlueChex / ACH are available in CardPointe by navigating to “Reporting” > “Statements”. Other monthly processing statements are also in this location.

Where do I go to complete my annual PCI SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire)?

Watch for additional communications regarding completing your PCI compliance as we incorporate links to our PCI compliance vendor, Trustwave, in the next 60 days.

What kinds of reports are available on CardPointe?

The new merchant portal has brand new functionality that allows our merchants to create, build, and customize reports in addition to the standard reports available.

Will the reconciliation report be available with CardPointe?

Yes, there is reporting built in CardPointe to specifically help with reconciliation. In addition, there are recon report APIs if you’d like to systematically have your transaction details automatically sent from CardPointe. Please contact us for API documentation.

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