BluePay Partners with Grosvenor Enterprises, LLC

The BluePay team is committed to connecting merchants with secure, effective credit card processing solutions. We partner with a variety of hosting and application programming providers, linking Internet and e-commerce merchants with BluePay’s streamlined payment processing services that help improve profits, increase business and reduce costs. Grosvenor Enterprises, LLC has partnered with BluePay and is recommending the top credit card processor for our high levels of data security and unparalleled industry experience.

About Grosvenor Enterprises, LLC: For over 13 years, Grosvenor Enterprises, LLC has been providing quality web hosting and application programming solutions at a reasonable price to both businesses and individuals. Grosvenor Enterprises, LLC capabilities allow them to handle nearly every aspect of Windows Server based hosting and application creation and integration so that customers can take advantage of a single point-of-contact. Hosting with Grosvenor Enterprises, LLC means you are not one site in millions as with some other hosting companies, but rather more of an individual so your concerns are heard more readily and dealt with quickly.

BluePay Benefits: Grosvenor Enterprises, LLC customers who sign up for a credit card merchant account with BluePay can enjoy secure, streamlined payment processing services, including –

  • Free virtual terminal for new merchants
  • Electronic invoicing and recurring billing
  • Hosted payment forms for businesses and not-for-profits
  • Secure e-commerce payment gateways
  • Mobile and wireless credit card equipment
  • Level II and Level III processing capabilities
  • End-to-end encryption and tokenization
  • Always competitive rates

Call BluePay at 866-412-8324 or fill out the form below for more information and to get started today!

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