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Partner with BluePay to make gas station credit card processing fast and simple.

Reliable Gas Station Credit Card Processing

BluePay helps gas stations and convenience stores simplify the payment process with pay at the pump and credit card processing capabilities.

  • Boost customer convenience, increase sales and improve service with AFD (Automated Fuel Dispenser) processing
  • Advance your business by accepting fleet cards such as Voyager® and Wright Express®
  • Comply with PCI standards to reduce the risk of fraud and protect your business

Person swiping credit card at the pump to pay for gas

Convenient Pay at the Pump Processing

BluePay’s pay at the pump processing capabilities increase customer service by allowing drivers to pay for fuel at the gas pump with major credit or debit cards. Our advanced processing system integrates directly into the major gas station POS (point-of-sale) processing equipment and is easy to use, so drivers enjoy convenient self-service and fast approval while on the go. By eliminating the need for customers to come inside and pay, POS gas station systems save time and money while increasing sales.

Fleet Card Processing Drives Efficiency

A fleet card is a payment card that helps businesses manage vehicle expenses, including fuel. BluePay’s fleet card merchant account services allow you to process major fleet credit cards, such as Voyager® and Wright Express®, seamlessly and quickly. The ability to accept fleet card payments improves customer convenience and increases sales.

PCI-Compliant Gas Station Credit Card Processing

Accepting credit cards for business requires compliance with PCI DSS standards. BluePay offers PCI-compliant payment processing services that enhance pay at the pump and gas station credit card processing systems, so you can protect your customers and your business. Count on BluePay to maintain high levels of payment security to reduce your risk of credit card fraud.

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