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Looking for the latest in credit card terminals? With BluePay’s state-or-the-art credit card machines, you’ll enjoy secure credit card processing with the swipe of a card.

Choosing a Credit Card Machine

The best credit card machine for your business may not be a machine at all. Credit card processing is evolving rapidly; you can now choose from mobile payment apps, encrypted swipers for mobile phones and tablets, virtual terminals, secure hosted payment forms and, of course, traditional credit card terminals. The right equipment for you depends on your business’s needs, goals and daily operations.

To begin, consider why you want or need to accept credit cards. Each scenario below requires a unique payment processing solution. Assessing your needs is a critical step — one that BluePay helps businesses take all the time.

  • You are a new business hoping to expand your customer base
  • You are an established business looking to sell your products or services in person, online, over the phone or through the mail
  • You need to accept payments on-the-go at trade shows or other events

Of course, whichever credit card machine you choose should be fast, efficient, reliable and PCI-compliant to protect you and your customers.

Technology for Swiping Cards Safely with PCI Solutions

Securing your payment process is crucial to keeping data safe and customers loyal. BluePay’s credit card processing machines are compliant with PCI standards. With P2PE (point-to-point encryption), credit card data is encrypted from the point of swipe to authorization, while AVS (address verification system) and CVV (card verification value) verify the validity of the cardholder. We’ll connect your business with the highest standards of PCI security.

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