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Streamline your point-of-sale credit card processing today with efficient authorizations and a variety of equipment.

Fast, Secure POS Systems for Efficient Point-of-Sale Transactions

BluePay’s POS processing solutions are ideal for businesses seeking secure, efficient credit card authorization at the point of sale.

  • Authorize credit cards, debit cards, and checks almost instantly with our fast POS processing
  • Choose from a variety of POS payment processing equipment and software that best fits your needs
  • Increase security with PCI-compliant POS payment processing solutions

Customer easily using a Clover POS system to pay for food.


Authorizing transactions efficiently at the point of sale is necessary to ensure that your business maintains steady cash flow and a secure network. A POS system includes credit card modules built into your computer system, rather than just stand-alone terminals.

These fast and secure POS credit card processing solutions allow merchants to determine whether a cardholder is an authorized user with sufficient credit — just moments after swiping the card.

In addition, we offer a range of:

  • Mobile POS systems that allow you to securely accept payments in the field. These portable point-of-sale credit card processing solutions are ideal if your teams ever interact with customers at appointments, trade shows, conferences, and other off-site events.
  • Virtual POS solutions that allow you to securely run your customers’ payments from your retail or office location — or from the comfort of your home. No special equipment is necessary, except for a computer and an Internet connection. You can choose to connect a credit card reader, or simply hand-key the information into the online form.


Having the right hardware for your payment needs is an important first step. Though depending on your industry, you may also need supportive software and add-ons to meet your unique payment requirements.

This is why we also offer a wide range of POS payment processing solutions designed for nearly every type of business and industry, whether you want to process credit cards at your:

Choosing the optimal POS payment processing solution allows you to take advantage of powerful add-ons that can simplify everything from employee scheduling to inventory management to order fulfillment.


Securing sensitive credit card data is crucial for reducing the risk of payment fraud and protecting your brand. BluePay’s POS credit card payment processing solutions comply with the latest PCI data security standards, increasing your reputation as a secure and responsible merchant.

Keep your business and customers safe with BluePay’s point-of-sale credit card processing.


In addition to secure point-of-sale credit card processing, we offer a huge selection of other PCI-compliant payment solutions. Adding these tools into your payment environment can help grow your business while simultaneously saving you money and shielding you from data breaches.

If you’re looking for turn-key payment solutions that can scale with your business, we’ve got you covered.

To learn more about our complete range of POS systems and PCI-compliant payment solutions, schedule a free consultation with our merchant services team today.

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BluePay is one of the best service companies I have ever worked with.  They helped me make a difficult POS system conversion - on site - on a Sunday and provided a great wireless solution for my remote fundraising events. They have provided real time assistance when needed, not outsourcing their calls, they are taken care of in-house.  I have referred them to everyone I know. If I did not love my job with Hanover Habitat for Humanity I would want to work with Joe and his great team. They truly provide WONDERFUL Customer Service in an industry that has forgotten the customer.

Heather Antill, Director of Retail Operations 
Hanover Habitat ReStore - Hanover, Va
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