Secure Payment Processing

With BluePay, your company can enjoy one of the most secure forms of client payment processing available.

Secure Payment Gateway

BluePay’s PCI-certified payment processing gateway is the assuredly secure solution to payment processing. Whether you’re searching for online payment security, secure checkout in your brick-and-mortar store, or the ability to safely and easily accept customer payments via a smartphone or tablet, BluePay’s payment solutions ensure that your buyers’ credit/debit card and eCheck data stays safe from all who may wish to threaten it.

  • Save time and money with BluePay’s one-stop payment processing gateway
  • Keep your client data information safe via PCI-certified processes, including encryption and tokenization
  • Enjoy unprecedented levels of mobile payment security

Why You Need PCI-Compliant Security

Engage BluePay for its payment processing solutions, and you’ll enjoy a high level of security for your buyers’ sensitive financial data. Whether you accept online, mobile or POS payments, BluePay provides the highest levels of security to keep your buyers’ credit/debit card and eCheck/ACH information safe from data breaches.

BluePay’s Security Measures

  • PCI Compliance
    BluePay is PCI compliant. This means that we adhere to PCI DSS (Data Security Standard) requirements for keeping payment card data secure.
  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
    This security measure protects data from the point of card swipe, during information transit, all the way through authorization.
  • Tokenization
    At the point of sale, data is intercepted and replaced with “tokens” that are useless to hackers and thieves. Your liability for customer payment security decreases because you don’t store data, just “tokens.”
  • Fraud Filters
    BluePay helps you to detect and respond to fraudulent transactions in a timely manner by identifying potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Encryption
    Encryption is the encoding of credit/debit card numbers and data in such a way that only authorized parties can read the information.
  • Hosted Payment Pages
    BluePay hosts your payment forms in our highly secure payment environment, so you can reduce your PCI scope.
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