Protected Transaction Keypad (PTK)

If your business accepts payments over the phone, PTK is the optimal security solution to protect your customers’ payment information.

A Virtual PIN Pad

PTK is an on-screen PIN pad in which users click on the numbers on their screen to key sensitive payment information instead of using their keyboard. This input mechanism bypasses the keyboard and mitigates screen grabbing malware because the numbers appear in random locations on the screen. By preventing malware scraping, this security method proves the presence of a human being at the PC and helps reduce many sophisticated fraudulent attacks on cardholders, businesses, and financial institutions. PTK technology saves merchants time and money by:

  • Limiting PCI scope
  • Reducing merchant risk
  • Lowering compliance costs

The BluePay Security Solutions Suite Offers an Extra Layer of Protection

BluePay is constantly developing new technology to help you reduce fraud, protect your business, and lower your PCI scope and costs. Our Security Solutions Suite helps you achieve that. Available on the BluePay Gateway, this comprehensive offering of payment security features includes the hosted payment form (HPF) and SRED (Secure Reading and Exchange of Data) device integration, along with the most recent addition of CAPTCHA and Protected Transaction Keypad (PTK). By implementing these security measures, you maintain a safe payment environment for your customers and give them peace of mind knowing their sensitive payment information is being protected.

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