Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

Protect your business and your customers from potential loss with BluePay’s P2PE payment security.

Encryption at the Point of Entry

BluePay offers full point-to-point encryption (P2PE), a highly advanced method of payment security, so that merchants can achieve or improve compliance with PCI standards.

  • Increase payment security from the point of swipe or entry to authorization
  • Improve customer confidence and build a reputable business
  • Reduce PCI scope and significantly save on costly annual audits

P2PE Protects Your Business

As long as your business accepts payments, there will be the risk of data theft. Compromised data can lead to devastating loss for customers and businesses, as well as hefty fines for merchants. With the right security systems in place, such as P2PE, you can make sure your customers' information is protected from fraud while protecting your own business from the consequences of electronic theft. Increase customer confidence and build a reputation as being a secure, compliant merchant.

What Is Point-to-Point Encryption?

Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) is an advanced security tool that helps protect the sensitive information contained within a credit card’s magnetic stripe. With P2PE, credit card data is encrypted from the moment the card is swiped, while the data is in transit, all the way to authorization. BluePay offers P2PE as part of its wide range of PCI-compliant payment solutions.

Advanced Data Security

BluePay’s P2PE solution takes credit card security to the next level. Point-to-point encryption keeps payment information safe during the transaction process by encrypting cardholder data from the point of card swipe to authorization. Encryption protects sensitive data while the information is in transit. Customers and merchants enjoy safer transactions, while thieves fail to gain access to actual credit card numbers.

Reduce PCI Scope with P2PE

Complying with PCI standards isn't just recommended for merchants who accept credit cards — it’s required. The Card Brands developed PCI compliance standards in order to protect their businesses and customers from data theft. If data is compromised due to PCI violations, consequences can include hefty fines, loss of credibility, loss of customers and ultimately loss of business.

At BluePay, our credit card processing solutions comply with PCI standards, reducing your risk of credit card fraud and keeping your business safe. With our point-to-point encryption, you get peace of mind that your payment processing solution is PCI compliant and secure.

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