Payment Cards

Accepting credit, debit or prepaid cards requires adherence to PCI security standards.

What Is PCI Compliance?

If your business accepts any type of payment card, you must handle the cardholder’s sensitive data using Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). PCI compliance involves periodic assessments and audits. Failure to comply with PCI standards exposes your customers to data breaches, and it can put your company’s financial future at risk.

  • BluePay offers only PCI-compliant solutions that help protect your customers and your business
  • We can help you fill out your annual PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
  • BluePay offers advanced security solutions — including tokenization, P2PE, hosted payment pages and more — that help decrease your risk

Consequences of Noncompliance with PCI DSS

If your business does not comply with PCI standards and customers’ payment card data is compromised, then you are subject to large fines and penalties, legal costs and settlements, as well as loss of business due to decreased customer trust and loyalty. The severity of these consequences can even result in your company going out of business. Any upfront costs associated with PCI compliance are more than outweighed by the ultimate costs of noncompliance.

Storing Payment Data Can Result in PCI Noncompliance

Storing payment data is not recommended, even with encryption. It is a risk that can be remedied by an advanced PCI tokenization system. Tokenization replaces stored data with “tokens,” which are useless to hackers and thieves.

Achieve and Improve PCI Compliance with BluePay

We have the tools, resources and expertise to protect your business. Contact us to learn more about PCI compliance and our secure payment processing solutions.

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My dental practices rely on BluePay for their knowledge of the credit/debit networks, and they have provided expert advice, especially in the area of chargebacks and disputes.  They have reduced my risk considerably.  Further, for the past five years, their service, support, and professionalism have been outstanding.

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