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BluePay helps you detect fraud so you can protect your business — and your reputation.

Protect Your Merchant Account and Minimize Security Risks

Having the freedom to purchase items and services anywhere, anytime, on any device comes with its benefits; however, that flexibility also has potential risk. Card-not-present (CNP) transactions are at greater risk for fraud because merchants have to trust that the actual cardholder is authorizing the transaction, and sometimes that trust is violated. In 2014, online (card-not-present) transactions amounted to 45% of total U.S. card fraud.*

“In 2013, merchants lost, on average, 0.68% of revenue — a 33% greater proportion than the previous year. In addition to their fraud losses, merchants also incurred more costs, with each dollar of fraud costing them $3.08, compared to $2.79 last year."**

Although fraudulent transaction activity is on the rise, BluePay has you covered with our customizable suite of fraud management tools. Detect fraud faster, protect your business and safeguard your reputation.

* Source: Aite Group, “EMV: Lessons Learned and the U.S. Outlook,” June 2014.
** Source: LexisNexis, “True Cost of Fraud 2014 Study — Post-Recession Revenue Growth Hampered by Fraud,” August 11, 2014.

Using the fraud management tools helps prevent thieves from:

  • Testing cards on your account
  • Making transactions from blocked countries
  • Entering amounts larger than products/services offered by your business

BluePay’s Customizable Suite of Fraud Management Tools Include:

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  • On-Hold Functionality
    Set parameters within the filters below to allow specific transactions to remain on hold until you can manually review them. Upon review, you’ll have the option to release or decline the transactions within the BluePay Gateway. Opt to receive email notifications to alert you when a hold occurs. 
  • Velocity Filter
    Prevent criminals from testing card numbers against your merchant account. This filter can be configured to automatically decline transactions based on several parameters within a 60-minute time period: number of transactions, number of transactions from a specific IP address, and maximum dollar amount for credits/refunds, sales and total sales amounts.
  • Threshold
    Stop a fraudster from entering amounts that are larger than products/services offered by your business by setting maximum dollar amounts for credit/refund transactions, as well as sales amount. In addition, minimums can be set to prevent your account from being used for unauthorized approvals on stolen credit cards.
  • AVS (Address Verification) Filter
    Compare the billing address and ZIP code provided during a transaction to what the card issuing bank has on file. You may verify against a partial address or ZIP code match, or not require a match at all.
  • CVV (Card Verification Value) Filter
    Verify that the three-digit code on the back of the card (or the four-digit code on the front of an American Express) provided during a transaction matches what the card-issuing bank has on file.
  • Card Issuing Country
    Accept transactions only from countries you deem trustworthy, and block transactions from those that seem too risky. BluePay accomplishes this by performing a BIN lookup of the card, which identifies the country where the card was issued.
  • Geo IP Tracking
    Block transactions from specific countries based on the IP address.
  • Negative Database
    Identify fraudsters listed in the database by IP, email or address. Create your own custom negative database, or choose to use BluePay’s global database established and updated daily by our expert risk analysts.
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