Use CAPTCHA to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions on your eCommerce site with BluePay’s secure hosted payment page.

CAPTCHA with the Hosted Payment Form Protects Websites

Since the inception of the Internet, hackers have tried to abuse websites, both for profitability and leisure. With the escalation of fraudulent activity, developers have had to resort to other security methods, like CAPTCHA, to protect their online businesses. If you’ve ever been asked to identify a combination of distorted letters and/or numbers when completing a contact or checkout form, then you’ve solved a CAPTCHA. Standing for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, CAPTCHA is a security method designed to distinguish a human user from a robot, or sometimes known as “bots”. CAPTCHA implementations can be found on over 3.5 million sites globally.

By using CAPTCHA with a BluePay secure hosted payment form, you:

  • Provide your customers with a secure payment environment for your online store
  • Reduce the risk of counterfeit transactions on your account
  • Block spammers and bots from infiltrating your website

BluePay’s award-winning, in-house IT department improves your security and that of your customers. We are the proud recipient of a 2016 Silver Stevie® Award in the Information Technology Team of the Year category by The American Business Awards. In fact, our company has won over 20 awards for our technology, support, and company culture since 2016.



The BluePay Security Solutions Suite Offers an Extra Layer of Protection Merchants Can Count On

BluePay is constantly developing new technology to help you reduce fraud, protect your business, and lower your PCI scope and costs. Our Security Solutions Suite helps you achieve that. Available on the BluePay Gateway, this comprehensive offering of payment security features includes the hosted payment form (HPF) and SRED (Secure Reading and Exchange of Data) device integration, along with the most recent addition of CAPTCHA and Protected Transaction Keypad (PTK). By implementing these security measures, you maintain a safe payment environment for your customers and give them peace of mind knowing their sensitive payment information is being protected.

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