Account Updater

Keep your recurring billing and subscription customers’ payment information current and reduce the risk of losing revenue.

Update Credit Card Information Seamlessly with Account Updater

If your business offers recurring billing, subscription services, or loyalty programs for your repeat customers, chances are their stored credit card information will change at some point in time for any number of reasons. Cards may expire, become lost or stolen, or be upgraded. Whatever the case, we can help you stay current with these updates and maintain a seamless payment experience for both you and your customers.

  • Reduce countless authorization declines and increase successful transactions
  • Minimize PCI scope by reducing staff contact with payment data
  • Improve customer retention by preventing disruptions to service
Account Updater
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How Does Account Updater Work

Using Account Updater is a simple and smart way to increase your revenue, reduce costs, and retain customers. BluePay will work with you to determine a monthly schedule that fits with your rebilling or subscription cycles. BluePay submits the data to the card brands (currently only Visa and MasterCard) for verification against their databases. These databases are continuously updated by the card issuers when cardholder information changes. The card brands then return a response back to BluePay with the updated account numbers, expiration dates, or closed account notices to name a few. BluePay updates the information within the gateway and provides you with a notification that updates have been made. The next time you run the customers’ payment information, the transactions will automatically be processed with the new information to prevent declines and get you paid faster.

Additional Benefits of Using Account Updater

Whether you offer a monthly subscription service or use recurring billing for your business, you know how frustrating it can be to see these transactions get declined. Account updater reduces that stress and helps you stay in the black. No longer will you have to wait for customers to update their information, which could potentially lead to loss of customer relationships. You’ll save time and reduce costs by not having to hire collection services or staff to manually update information. Most importantly, you’ll see an increase in revenue, as you receive payments on time from valid, accurate credit cards.

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