Tablet Point of Sale

A tablet POS (Point-of-Sale) system puts your staff and your cash registers anywhere in your store.

Tablet POS Software: Customer Payment Processing Moves Into the 21st Century

Use tablet devices for a variety of in-store functions, including the processing of sales and returns, inventory lookup and pricing — to provide customer assistance anywhere in the store. Your salespeople are no longer confined to the checkout counter — they can do other tasks and still be available to accept payments at the same time. Processing payments with a tablet reduces long lines and wait times at the checkout counter, which may increase customer loyalty. Take your tablet with you to trade shows, conferences and other events, and accept payments on the road.

BluePay offers a mobile POS solution that allows users to process payments from anywhere. With the Clover Go mobile payment app, you can process EMV chip cards, as well as mag stripe cards and NFC payments. Just connect your Clover Go EMV card reader to your tablet via Bluetooth® and start accepting payments everywhere you go.

  • Accept payments from anywhere in your store or on the go
  • Process chip cards with the Clover Go mobile POS app
  • Store your product SKUs and price points in one place; updates sync in real-time across all your devices
  • Access your business’s sales history and analytics from one place for easy reporting
  • Stay up to date with POS reporting
  • Filter reports by date, price or source to view the numbers you need
  • Download sales data into a spreadsheet that you can upload into your own booking software for simple reconciliation

Features of BluePay’s Tablet POS Software

  • Product Catalog in One Place
    Add items and see them appear on all your devices. Show all your products, even the ones that are off the floor!
  • Track More Than Credit Cards
    Record payments made with credit, debit or cash.
  • Manage Your Staff
    Update employee profiles and edit user permissions to better optimize sales team performance.
  • Take Payments Instantly
    Dip, swipe, tap or manually enter credit card information and capture digital signatures from anywhere in your store.
  • Calculate Tax
    Pick your tax rate directly within the Clover Go App.
  • Make Partial Refunds
    Refund individual products regardless of how many items are on your customer’s receipt.
  • Email Customer Receipts
    Receipts can be emailed to your customer as soon as the sale is complete.
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