Smartphone Credit Card Reader

If your business needs a top-notch smartphone credit card swiper, you’ve come to the right place. BluePay’s encrypted readers are easy to use and fully secure.

We Put the “Smart” in Smartphone Credit Card Swipe

With years of experience in credit card processing and related technologies, we have created a smartphone credit card reader that delivers all the value your business needs.

  • Maximum versatility — our encrypted card readers accept all major credit and debit cards
  • Maximum security — our PCI-compliant encrypted readers offer additional security functionality such as gateway tokenization and P2PE
  • Maximum utility — our encrypted readers enable you to process transactions, handle refunds, send e-receipts and review critical business reports and information

Your customers can use your smartphone credit card swiper with confidence: their credit card data is never stored on your device.

How to Get Started Accepting Mobile Payments

Once your business has been set up with an official BluePay merchant account, you only have two more things to do, and they’re both easy: download the FREE mobile-payment app designed for your particular device, and plug in the reader. You’re ready for mobile order processing!

Whether you have a virtual business or a brick-and-mortar store, mobile payment processing removes all restrictions. You can take orders anywhere, anytime, whether customers are online or in your store. This is a powerful capability that allows you to take advantage of every selling opportunity and transform your business.

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