iPad Credit Card App

Your iPad is more than just a way to showcase products to consumers on the sales floor — make it your mobile order-taking machine.

Capture More Orders with Our Credit Card App for iPad

You can turn your iPad into an order-writing machine with BluePay. We have one of the best credit card apps for iPad on the market.

  • Like Apple, we believe in simplicity, so we made our iPad credit card app easy for you and your customers
  • The versatile iPad app allows you to accept all major credit, debit and ACH transactions
  • Our app is PCI compliant, with security options like tokenization and P2PE

How to Get Started with Your iPad Credit Card App

Getting your iPad mobile account is easy. Once you’re set up with an official BluePay merchant account, simply download our free mobile payment app, plug in your (optional) encrypted credit card reader, and you’re ready to go. You can process orders, send receipts, process refunds, review reports and manage customer accounts.

Your iPad is a superb way to present your products and services to customers — but there’s no reason to stop there! After you’ve impressed customers with images, video or slideshow presentations, why not give them an opportunity to place their orders, right then and there?

Turn your iPad from a recreational device or sales tool into an order-taking machine. You’ll speed up the sales cycle, give your customers the instant gratification they want and watch your revenues increase.

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