Cellphone Card Reader

BluePay offers advanced cell phone credit card machines to help your business maintain a competitive edge in today’s evolving market.

Our Cell Phone Credit Card Machine Puts Your Business in Overdrive

The ability to process orders on the go is the key to online business success. BluePay’s cell phone credit card swiper lets you take orders anytime, anywhere.

  • Cell phone credit card reader options for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Works seamlessly with all major credit and debit cards
  • Secure, PCI-compliant processing with tokenization and P2PE technology

You Don’t Need an Office, Just a Cell Phone

Bluepay’s cell phone credit card swiper options do more than just process orders. You can send receipts, manage customer accounts, and manage and review business reports as well. Our cell phone credit card reader enables you to “office” anywhere you and your cell phone are. You use your time more efficiently, and you’re always ready to take an order.

Getting Started Is Easy

Once you’re set up as a BluePay merchant, select and download the app designed for your device and plug in your card reader — and you’re ready to do business from your cell phone! And remember: our readers are secure. Customer credit card data is never stored on your cell phone, so you and your customers can do business with confidence.

Smartphones have sped up the business cycle. When customers find something they want — usually on their cell phones — they want to order immediately. Don’t make them wait! If you are with customers at lunch, a trade show or a networking event, give them the opportunity to order now, using a BluePay cell phone credit card reader. Customers will be impressed, and you’ll see increased revenues.

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