Android Credit Card Processing

Accept payments anywhere, anytime with an Android mobile credit card processing solution from BluePay.

Convenient Android Credit Card Processing for Fast Mobile Transactions

Never miss a sales opportunity — even when you’re on the go. The Clover Go credit card reader allows you to accept chip cards on the Android platform. Our Android payment processing solutions are efficient, secure and easy to use.

  • Accept all major credit and debit transactions quickly and securely from your Android device
  • Make it easy to enter transactions, sign receipts and provide refunds wherever you go
  • Secure data and protect your business with PCI-compliant technology, including tokenization and P2PE
  • Easily process chip cards, as well as traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards, and NFC payments


Android credit card processing is easy with the Clover Go mobile solution. To get started, download the Clover Go mobile payment app that allows you to process EMV transactions, as well as traditional mag stripe transactions. With BluePay, you can start accepting payments quickly and securely from your mobile phone or tablet. You’ll be able to process and pre-authorize transactions instantly, as well as allow customers to sign and receive emailed receipts right from your Android device.

BluePay complies with PCI standards, so credit card data is never stored on your mobile device. Start protecting and improving your business with BluePay mobile processing for Android today.

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