Android Credit Card App

If you’re looking for credit card apps for Android, look no further than BluePay! We make credit card processing on your Android phone easy and secure.

Credit Card Android App: Key Features

BluePay’s Android app uses the latest technology, so you and your customers can use it with confidence. Key app features include:

  • Ability to accept all major credit, debit and ACH transactions — you’ll always be in a position to take the order
  • Completely mobile — enter sales transactions, process refunds and sign receipts, all from your phone
  • Data security through our PCI-compliant gateway, including tokenization and P2PE functionality

How Do I Get Started with the BluePay Credit Card Android App?

Getting started with our credit card app for Android is as easy as using it. After getting set up as a BluePay merchant:

  • Download our FREE app
  • Plug in your encrypted Android credit card reader
  • Start accepting payments from your Android phone

Please remember: Your customer data is always secure. Our credit card app for Android is PCI compliant, so your customer credit card information is never stored on your Android phone.

Don’t limit your sales! Conventions, trade shows, client lunches and sporting events — these are all superb places to interact with prospects and take orders. Today’s consumers and business buyers are comfortable with mobile commerce and are ready to take action immediately when they are ready to place an order. Why make them wait? Take the order now with our credit card Android app … or who knows? The order may be lost forever.

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