A Verifone credit card machine from BluePay will improve your business inside and out.

Verifone Terminals Are Secure, Efficient and Easy to Use

Verifone is an industry leader in credit card processing hardware, offering a variety of devices to fit virtually any application:

  • Unattended devices, durably built for applications such as kiosk or at the gas pump
  • Countertop terminals for in-store checkout
  • Portable devices for processing credit card payments on the go
  • EMV and NFC-enabled equipment options

Get the Right Verifone Terminal for Your Application

BluePay is proud to offer Verifone products for our payment processing solutions. With their wide range of devices, innovative technology and reliability, they make an excellent choice for merchants who place high value on operating efficiently and keeping customer satisfaction strong.

BluePay supports the following Verifone POS systems:

Brand: Product Name: Product Type: Product Website: Product Version:
VeriFone PAYware PC 1.2.2
VeriFone PayWare Transact 3.2.4
VeriFone PCCharge 5.10
VeriFone PCCharge 5.10.1
VeriFone BUYPAK 6.02.00
VeriFone PAYware PC 1.2.2
VeriFone PAYware PC
VeriFone PayWare Transact
VeriFone Viper* 6.00.01
VeriFone Viper* 6.00.02
VeriFone Viper-Buypass 3.1
VeriFone Viper-Buypass 5.0

BluePay supports the following Verifone standalone terminals:

Vendor Terminal Model/Series EMV Capable
VeriFone 8000 /8020
Verifone Nurit 8010S
VeriFone Nurit 8100IP
VeriFone Nurit 8320IP
Verifone Nurit 8400
Verifone Vx 510 X
Verifone Vx 570 X
Verifone Vx 670
VeriFone Vx510 (Omni 3730)
VeriFone Vx510DC / Vx570DC
VeriFone Vx510LE (Omni 3730LE)
VeriFone VX520 X
VeriFone Vx 610-CDMA X
VeriFone VX610
VeriFone VX 680 X
VeriFone VX610 (Dial)
VeriFone/Nurit Nurit 8100-11
VeriFone/Nurit Nurit 8320-02 Lite
VeriFone/Nurit Nurit 8320-11
VeriFone/Nurit Nurit 8320-43
VeriFone/Nurit Nurit 8400-11

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