Recurring Billing

Simplify your billing and invoicing with automated recurring credit card processing.


2017 CNP Awards, Best Subscription/Recurring Billing

No matter what industry you serve, BluePay offers automated recurring billing services to streamline your transaction process, save you time and protect your business.

  • Increase efficiency and reduce late payments by using our recurring billing system
  • Customize your recurring billing schedule and email receipts directly to your customers
  • Provide easy, secure online account access and management for your customers with our PCI-compliant solution
  • Improve cash flow by putting future payments on autopilot with recurring credit card processing


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Recurring credit card payments are easy and convenient for customers, and they offer advantages to merchants. Electronic billing helps simplify the payment process, increase cash flow and reduce costs. This is because putting all future payments on autopilot removes the need for customers to receive, open, and act on invoices. With recurring billing and electronic invoicing, all new sales come in automatically without any direct intervention from you.

When paired with payment integration, automated recurring billing also eliminates the need for manual recordkeeping, since all transactions are instantly reported in the accounting and sales software that you’re already using. Just think about the money you’ll save when your employees no longer have to spend time updating records by hand. 

In addition to being cheaper than paper-based invoicing, electronic recurring payment processing is better for the environment, since no material resources are required. 

Many types of businesses can take advantage of recurring credit card processing, from utility providers and lawn care companies to property managers and magazine publishers. Your customers can set up their recurring payments schedule — whether they choose monthly, quarterly or annually. Giving them greater control helps to ensure they’ll pay on time — every time. 

With automated recurring billing, you can say goodbye to late payments, lost checks, expensive printing, and time-consuming invoicing!


BluePay’s recurring billing allows you to automate your billing procedures for a simpler payment process and steadier cash flow. Editing capabilities enable customers to update payment methods and amounts according to their budget needs. Automatic debiting of customer accounts means faster and timelier recurring payments. 

With comprehensive fraud prevention and 24/7 customer support, you can count on BluePay’s secure recurring payment processing to streamline your business and help it grow.

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