Credit Card Reconciliation & Reporting

With our advanced reporting capabilities, credit card payment reconciliation has never been easier or more reliable.

How BluePay Simplifies the Payment Reconciliation Process

Whether you accept payments through one channel or several, BluePay offers robust, detailed reporting that allows you to track each transaction from inception to settlement for faster credit card reconciliation. All of these payment details are then consolidated in one convenient location, allowing you to quickly analyze your business’s cash flow and financial health.

With our seamless payment reconciliation process, you can:

  • Receive omni-channel reporting in one centralized location
  • Customize each variable to better fit your business’s reporting needs
  • Choose from optional APIs for automated reporting that appears directly in your business’s reconciliation software

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Our reporting APIs include all the payment information sent on your transactions. With BluePay, you can set up and pass through an unlimited number of additional data fields, allowing you to reconcile credit card data and customer information in a way that makes sense for your business. Whatever information you want to see on your report is available — as long as this information is also passed through to BluePay.

Whether you’re an e-commerce merchant, restaurant owner, or hospital administrator, this level of detail can save you valuable time and money. For example, you can use these reports to quickly and easily:

  • Prepare state and federal tax paperwork for the year
  • Assess your organization’s financial health
  • Monitor and manage your business’s cash flow
  • Identify delinquent payments or declined purchases

That which gets measured gets managed. Our robust reports help to eliminate expensive guesswork so you can better navigate the complex challenges facing your business in today’s competitive world.


BluePay is one of the only gateway companies that reports on transactions from the initial swipe or entry all the way through to the date of deposit into the merchant’s bank account. This is possible because we are both the gateway and the processor — allowing for seamless continuity as we reconcile credit card payments for your business:

  • Most gateway providers only report when the transaction was sent to the gateway.
  • Most payment processors only report when the transaction was settled in the merchant’s bank.

Since BluePay securely manages every aspect of each transaction, credit card payment reconciliation is a breeze!

To learn why businesses big and small choose us to process credit card payments, schedule a free consultation with our merchant services team today.

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Combining our e-commerce knowledge with BluePay’s payment processing expertise allows us to offer our customers affordable rates and exceptional service. BluePay’s multiple reporting tools and dynamic pricing is ideal for customers who use our custom-built business management software and e-commerce platforms.

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