Merchant Terminals

Process payments with reliable, cutting-edge merchant terminals from BluePay.

Get Convenience, Security and Efficiency

Merchants have the most equipment options with BluePay. Use your existing device or choose to upgrade to new state-of-the-art hardware with the latest features and functionality in the payments industry. At BluePay, we are compatible with all industry-leading hardware manufacturers and take the time to research and recommend the best equipment options to meet each business’s needs.

  • EMV and NFC enabled equipment options
  • Lowest-cost options available
  • Fastest transaction processing times

Merchant Terminals Improve Customer Satisfaction

If you’ve ever waited for a clerk to phone in your credit card information, or waited for an endlessly slow credit card machine to spit out your receipt, you know how frustrating it can be to shop in a store with outdated credit card processing technology. Improve the image of your business, process transactions more quickly and efficiently and make those transactions secure with BluePay’s merchant terminals. Startup is easy, fast and efficient with BluePay’s intuitive systems and rock-solid customer support.

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