Level 2 Credit Card Processing

BluePay helps you increase the efficiency of your business-to-business transactions.

B2B Made Easy with Level 2 Payment Processing

BluePay’s certified Level 2 processing capabilities reduce processing costs and provide additional reporting data to clients.

  • Simplify transactions for business-to-business (B2B) customers with business-specific payment methods, including business, corporate and purchasing cards
  • Provide accurate reporting, monitoring and control through more detailed business transactions
  • Reduce costs and reduce risk with PCI-compliant processing solutions

What Is Level 2 Credit Card Processing?

Business and corporate payment processing is different from consumer credit card processing. Level 1 card data is typically associated with consumer transactions and provides limited purchase data back to the cardholder. B2B customers typically use Level 2 credit cards to pay, especially as the frequency and monetary value of the transactions increase. Level 2 data adds more information to benefit the corporate/government/industrial buyer — data that includes customer code, tax amount, tax identification and other information.

The primary benefit to the cardholder of Level 2 credit card processing is control. Corporate cardholders often set predefined limits on spending. For example, a company might place restrictions on the number of monthly transactions per card, the amount of each transaction and when or how a card may be used. When processing payments, the merchant sends the additional fields including tax and code with every transaction, making it easy for companies to monitor and analyze their spending, which helps them eliminate the risk of inappropriate spending with corporate credit cards.

Level 2 Processing with BluePay

What are the benefits of Level 2 processing to the merchant? Level 2 processing requires merchants to include additional information on each transaction processed. In exchange for this additional information and the larger size of the transaction, the credit card companies offer lower interchange fees. Acceptance of Level 2 payments reduces your fees and increases your profits. Plus, this capability allows you to expand your customer base to include companies that use Level 2 credit cards. BluePay provides the specialized solution that allows you to accept business, purchasing and corporate card transactions.

Secure Level 2 Payment Processing

Count on BluePay to keep you and your customers and safe from fraud. Our PCI Level 2 processing solutions, from point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to tokenization, are designed to protect your data and reduce the risk of credit card fraud.

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