Credit Card Interchange Fees

Interchange rates for credit card processing are a major factor in selecting a payment processing company. BluePay is always competitive.

About the Credit Card Interchange Fee

Credit card interchange fees start out simple enough: the fee charged to the acquiring bank from the issuing bank. However, fees quickly get complicated because of the many variables that affect costs for a particular processing solution. Significant factors include the type of business, type of credit card used, whether the card is present or not, timeliness, overall processing volume and average transaction size.

BluePay Interchange Fees

We offer rates as low as 0.95% for retail transactions, and as low as 1.99% for MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) and Internet transactions. But more important than these low rates, BluePay offers tremendous value. Our payment processing solutions provide the highest level of security, give merchants the full range of payment processing options and support your program with technology and service that are second to none.

Get a Free Credit Card Interchange Fee Analysis

Our approach to fees is to provide maximum transparency. We don’t “bundle” our fees into a package that makes it difficult for you to determine the fee applied to individual transactions. Instead, we offer “unbundled” programs that help you identify the real cost and profitability of each transaction. If you are confused about your current rates (don’t worry, many companies are), we are happy to give you a free, no-obligation rate analysis.

Interested in discussing your credit card interchange fee? Contact us now to learn more about your current program and what we can offer.

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