ACH Payment Processing

eCheck (ACH) payment processing from BluePay is a convenient, reliable and secure payment method.

eCheck (ACH) Payment Processing Offers a Flexible Payment Option for Your Business

BluePay’s eCheck Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment processing services allow you to accept electronic check payments, increase sales and reduce the costs associated with paper check processing.

  • Expand processing capabilities and provide flexible payment options with BluePay’s eCheck (ACH) processing (BlueChex)
  • Integrate check readers to electronically deposit checks to your bank account for simplified payments
  • Prevent eCheck (ACH) and credit card fraud by complying with PCI DSS standards
  • Save time and money by eliminating trips to your bank

Merchant processing an ACH payment with BluePay's virtual terminal.

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BluePay Offers Two Variations of eCheck Service

  1. The ACH transactions can be originated or processed by BluePay’s financial institution.
  2. The ACH transactions can be originated or processed by these financial institutions: ACB Bank, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citizens Bank, Comerica, MB Financial, PNC, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo.

Simplifying Transactions: What Is ACH Processing?

With the BluePay ACH processing solution, BlueChex, you can provide customers with another flexible payment option and accept electronic checks safely and efficiently. Similar to the paper check process, ACH payments are transmitted electronically for faster authorization and simplified transactions. You save time and cut costs associated with traditional check payments, while improving customer service and increasing profits.

How Does ACH Work? A Primer on ACH Payments

The ACH payment process is similar to the traditional paper check process: Clients provide their bank routing and checking account numbers. The payment is verified and sent electronically through our NACHA compliant system for an immediate transfer. Businesses often use ACH payment processing as an alternative to accepting paper checks and credit cards.

ACH Payment Processing for Increased Convenience

Accept online checks through BluePay’s virtual terminal, which allows you to accept payments from any device with an Internet connection. Our ACH payment processing system integrates check readers to electronically deposit checks to your bank account, eliminating trips to the bank to manually deposit checks. We work seamlessly with any bank to make sure your electronic checks are deposited safely and efficiently. With eChecks, you can access your ACH transactions online to better manage your business, your payments and your customers.

Avoid ACH Fraud with PCI Secure Electronic Checks

Electronic data theft is becoming more and more complex, making it crucial for businesses to take the proper precautions when accepting credit cards and ACH payments. BluePay’s ACH payment processing products comply with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and are NACHA compliant, ensuring the highest levels of security to protect merchants, businesses and customers from credit card and ACH fraud.

Keep your customers, your data and your business safe from electronic theft — get started with NACHA-compliant ACH processing today.

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