Mobile EMV Processing App

Use your mobile device and existing app to accept EMV transactions anytime, anywhere.


Whether your business takes you out in the field or to various events, accepting chip card payments using your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet paired with a card reader provides a convenient and secure checkout experience for your customers and reduces fraud on your merchant account.

  • Interface your existing mobile app with the BluePay Mobile EMV Processing app to send encrypted EMV and swipe data directly to the BluePay Gateway.
  • Reduce your PCI scope by implementing a secure EMV credit card processing solution with end-to-end encryption.
  • Enjoy centralized reporting and transaction review benefits by having all transactions processed through the one gateway.
  • Comply with card brand requirements related to EMV acceptance and chargeback liability.
  • Improve customer retention by offering secure, chip-enabled credit card processing at point of sale.

BluePay EMV mobile processing solution and Vivopay card reader


Businesses use apps on smartphones and tablets every day to manage appointment schedules, make purchases, and communicate with customers. Apps provide the convenience and flexibility to perform operations whether out in the field or at the office.

To use the BluePay Mobile EMV Processing Solution, you’ll need:

  • A BluePay Gateway account
  • A partner mobile app or mobile-web application
  • The BluePay Mobile EMV Processing app
  • A certified EMV/swipe card reader

By simply using your existing mobile or mobile-web application with the BluePay Mobile EMV Processing app and a certified card reader, you now provide an EMV payment system capable of accepting chip card payments securely and conveniently for your customers. All transaction information integrates directly to the BluePay Gateway for ease of reporting and reconciliation.

The ID TECH VP3300 is an EMV chip and magnetic stripe reader certified for use with the BluePay Gateway and offers a user-friendly, cost-effective way to accept EMV payments.


Process credit cards with EMV by downloading BluePay’s Mobile EMV Processing app to an Android or iOS device and pairing it with a certified Bluetooth card reader. Here are nine simple steps to help you accept chip card transactions using your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Integrate your existing mobile or mobile-web application to the BluePay Mobile EMV Processing app through the API interface layer.
  2. Download and install the BluePay Mobile EMV Processing app from the Apple Store or Google Play using a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Open the app and enter your Merchant ID (MID) and secret key.
  4. Pair your smartphone or tablet with the Bluetooth EMV card reader (ID TECH VP3300).
  5. Initiate a transaction by activating payment option from existing mobile app to send customer information and transaction amount to the checkout page in the BluePay Mobile EMV Processing app.
  6. Tap the “SWIPE/EMV” button to activate the EMV card reader and insert or swipe card.
  7. Tap “PROCESS CHARGE” button to send transaction data to the BluePay Gateway for processing.
  8. Capture signature using a fingertip or stylus on your mobile device and send receipt information by email to the customer.
  9. Review transaction details directly within the BluePay Gateway and export using your desired reporting method for simplified reconciliation.

For additional information regarding EMV Credit Card Processing, please see some common FAQs here.

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