Integrated EMV Processing

Accept card-present chip and swipe transactions with the Virtual Terminal or browser-based payment form.


Whether you refer to it as a smart card or a chip card, accepting EMV transactions is essential to keeping credit card data secure and reducing the risk of chargebacks.

  • Enjoy plug-and-play compatibility by using an EMV reader capable of operating with an existing virtual terminal or browser-based payment page.
  • Be compliant with card brand requirements related to EMV acceptance and chargeback liability.
  • Attract new customers and improve retention by offering secure, chip-enabled credit card processing at point of sale.
  • Reduce your PCI scope by implementing a secure EMV processing solution with end-to-end encryption.

EMV credit card being processed by an EMV-enabled credit card reader


Depending on your operation, using a full terminal-based EMV solution is not always the most useful or economical choice. However, there are times when you need functionality to process credit cards with EMV, rather than manually entering information in the Virtual Terminal or payment form, to minimize security risks and qualify for the best rates on each transaction. That’s when having an integrated EMV credit card processing solution will be most beneficial for your business and your customers.

The Augusta S is an EMV chip and magnetic stripe reader certified for use with the BluePay Payment Gateway and offers a user-friendly, cost-effective way to accept EMV payments.


Getting started with integrated EMV processing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Use the BluePay Virtual Terminal or any browser-based EMV-enabled payment form.
  2. Plug the Augusta S device into the USB port of the computer you use to display the Virtual Terminal or payment form.
  3. Insert the chip card or swipe using the magnetic strip.

That’s it! No PIN or signature is required, and the device securely transmits the EMV data to the Virtual Terminal or payment form. Transaction details can be reviewed directly within the BluePay Payment Gateway and exported using your desired reporting method for simplified reconciliation.

For additional information regarding EMV Credit Card Processing, please see some common FAQs here.

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