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Increase donations with a simple online form that makes it easy for donors to support your cause.

Provide Donors an Easy Way to Give

By giving your supporters an easy and fast way to donate online, you make it simpler for them to contribute to your cause. Nonprofit donations that can be made via credit, debit or eCheck/ACH, which helps you expand your list of donors and increase total donations.

When choosing or designing a payment form to capture donations, the rule is to keep it simple. The fewer the steps there are to donating online, the quicker and better the process is. BluePay has several ready-to-use donation forms. If you choose to design your own form, it’s a good idea to follow these guidelines:

  • Use a simple form that requests only the most important fields and makes information entry as easy as possible
  • After the donor fills in a field, the ideal form tabs over to the next field, allowing the donor to quickly make his or her way through the form
  • Other than contact information, the only required field should be the amount of the donation
  • You may want to add a checkbox for recurring payments to facilitate regular donations

Manage Donations with BluePay

Consider setting up a recurring donation system. By allowing donors to determine how often and how much they would like to donate, you increase the convenience of giving, which increases donations. Recurring billing eliminates the need to ask existing donors for another contribution, and allows you to spend your marketing focus and dollars on attracting new donors.

Want to increase security for your donors? Let BluePay host your online donation form on our PCI-compliant server. After donors enter information on your online form, you can rely on BluePay to protect their financial data.

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