Combine BluePay’s secure payment processing with SimpleTix and enjoy successful online ticket sales.

SimpleTix provides BluePay’s customers a turnkey electronic ticketing platform for online ticket sales. Users of SimpleTix can sell tickets from a mobile device or desktop, market the event, create customized reports and plugins to help you engage with customers and more.

When you integrate BluePay into the SimpleTix platform, you can expect:

  • Knowing that your client’s payment data is absolutely secure: BluePay’s PCI-certified, tokenized processing solution keeps sensitive customer data safe and uncompromised
  • Reduced liability in relation to the security of customer payment information
  • The certainty that payments made via smartphone or tablet are secure
  • Smooth and swift integration of your company’s accounting/management software with BluePay’s
  • The ability to customize our payment solution so that it works best for your firm’s individual needs and practices
  • Monitoring of your account — and your customers’ financial data — to make sure it’s fraud-free; BluePay also provides 24/7/365 customer support services

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