Our accounting software providers integrate with BluePay to help their customers reconcile accounts, reduce double-data entry errors, and save time by processing payments in the same software used to run their business.

Integrated Credit Card Processing and Accounting Software

BluePay’s enhanced payment software, designed for your specific needs and synchronized with our payment gateway, will allow you to attract new customers while maintaining your current customer base. When you partner with BluePay, your customers will enjoy advanced software and seamless integration.

Our growing list of integrated accounting software includes:

Let BluePay show you how to grow your business by adding value to your customers and members.

Partner With Us

By becoming a partner with BluePay, enjoy benefits including:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Joint Marketing Campaigns
  • Dedicated Partner Support
  • Expanded Product Offerings

Merchants who process payments within your business software experience these benefits:

  • Time savings; no need for double data entry
  • Fewer data entry errors because keying is done in just one system
  • More accurate reporting and easier reconciliation
  • Improved cash flow due to reduction in DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and faster receivables posting
  • Data is more secure with your PCI-certified plugins

Secure Payment Processes from BluePay

Through our secure storage, fraud monitoring and 24/7 customer support, advanced risk tools and PCI-certified security solutions, BluePay delivers secure payment processing through your accounting software.

Accounting Software

Check to see if your accounting software vendor is listed. If not, contact us to get your business software added. We’re always looking for new business systems to integrate with our payment gateway.

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