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Partner Testimonial: Service AutoPilot on BluePay's Awesome Customer Support

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Service AutoPilot Discusses BluePay’s Value-Added Solutions and Exceptional Customer Service (Video Transcription)

Service Autopilot is a software company, and our target client is in the field service industry. So, think about someone that sends a truck out to your home or out to your business to provide a service – lawn mowing, cleaning, pest control. That company is our ideal client.

We had a number of issues that we needed help with, and the three biggest that come to mind for me, one, we needed a solution for Canada. The second was, we needed to move towards tokenization, so that was a really big deal. BluePay could handle that. And then, the third one was that we were looking for a higher level of service. We want them to feel like you're giving them fair rates, we want you to talk to them, and educate them, and teach them how the processing business works, and you guys did that for us.

Our biggest concern was that a client would have a great relationship with us, then they would meet you and not have that same level of experience. That was a concern that we had, and that was never the case, whatsoever. You guys were fantastic at the service side of the business.

In all honesty, we've worked with other processors, however, what we love about BluePay is, we don't have to manage you, we don't have to call you all the time, things don't break, things don't go wrong, it just works. And so, that's huge to us. It just makes our life easy. We know our clients are being cared for. So, I'm going to boil it down to the team because, at the end of the day, the team is what's making it so easy for us to work with BluePay.

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