Zen Cart

The BluePay/Zen Cart payment gateway integration allows you to offer your online customers a truly seamless shopping experience built around BluePay’s PCI-compliant fraud protection.

The Zen Cart Payment Module integrates the website and shopping cart software with BluePay's payment environment, ensuring that your Zen Cart credit card processing is highly reliable and secure.

About the Zen Cart Payment Module

Zen Cart is one of the most popular open-source checkout carts in the world. The platform works out of the box, and it’s compatible with most hosting providers. Zen Cart is also highly customizable. Thanks to the software’s open code, you’re able to easily add functions and brand your online shopping cart to look and feel like the rest of your site.

With the Zen Cart payment module, it’s possible to integrate your website and shopping cart with BluePay’s secure payment processing. This combination allows you to offer your online customers a truly seamless shopping experience built around industry-leading PCI-compliant fraud protection.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. The Zen Cart plugin doesn’t require any additional coding. Just download it, install it and configure it to your liking.

Getting Started with the Zen Cart Payment Module?

To begin using the Zen Cart payment module, you’ll need an active BluePay account and Zen Cart admin access. Follow the steps below to install and configure this payment module:

  • Download the Zen Cart Payment Module
  • In the Zen Cart admin section, choose the BluePay (AN) Module for payment
  • Under Account ID, enter in your 12-digit gateway account ID (which is not the same as your Merchant ID or your BluePay username)
  • Make sure that the BluePay URL defaults to the correct setting of: https://secure.bluepay.com/interfaces/a.net
  • When prompted for the Secret Key, input your 32-character BluePay Secret Key (not your BluePay password)
  • Under Transaction Mode, note that in Test Mode, odd dollar amounts will go through — all even dollar amounts will be declined
  • Under Authorization Type, we recommend selecting Authorized/Capture unless you have a reason to only authorize transactions
  • Enabling Database Storage will allow you to store transaction details within the database
  • For extra security, we recommend that you select Request CVV Number. Card verification value (CVV) refers to the security code on the back of credit cards. Requiring this additional information will make online transactions more secure

And your Zen Cart-enabled e-commerce store is ready! You should now be able to securely accept payments using BluePay’s PCI-compliant processing technology.

Need Help Configuring the Zen Cart Payment Module?

The Zen Cart payment module is designed to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. If you have questions about the API, plugin or anything else regarding the Zen Cart payment module integration, please contact our integration support team: [email protected] or 800-350-2684.

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