Z2 Systems, Inc.

Z2 Systems’ NeonCRM provides non-profit organizations the ability to raise more donations in less time and helps an organization’s staff manage the day-to-day tasks for the entity more efficiently.

The NeonCRM platform, by Z2 Systems, Inc, places a non-profit’s information in one database, one which is accessible from any Internet connection. The NeonCRM is a powerful CRM database that can be used to track all of the payments, activities, documents, people, organizations, and communications that are important to to running your mission successfully. Organizations also can process activities in real time and schedule recurring member/donor payments. Stop using multiple vendors, software programs and databases and consolidate your operation with NeonCRM.

If your nonprofit uses the NeonCRM, engage BluePay for your online giving processes and:

  • The ability to keep donor/member credit card information secure from theft and tampering
  • A high level of security via BluePay’s PCI-certified process known as tokenization (performed on donor financial data)
  • The peace of mind knowing that any liability issues regarding the safekeeping of member/donor financial information is decreased
  • An easy integration of BluePay into an organization’s NeonCRM solution, as well as the non-profit’s other management software and processes
  • The option to customize BluePay’s payment processing gateway so that it fits a non-profit’s particular business operation in ways that make sense
  • Fraud monitoring and customer support services on a 24/7 basis.

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