Ubercart 3.x

Add our PCI-compliant payment processing to your Ubercart e-commerce store (Drupal 7 version) and start accepting secure mobile and Web payments.

The Ubercart 3.x Payment Module integrates the e-commerce open source for Drupal 7 with BluePay's payment environment.

About the Ubercart 3.x Payment Module

Ubercart 3.x is a robust open-source e-shopping platform that integrates with Drupal’s award-winning content management system (CMS). With Ubercart’s e-commerce technology, businesses can monetize their products and services across a broad range of applications built on Drupal 7 (both mobile and Web).

As a merchant, you can provide an even more secure shopping experience for your customers by incorporating BluePay’s PCI-compliant payment processing solutions directly into your e-commerce store. Our dedicated Ubercart 3.x payment module offers seamless integration — allowing you to leverage our industry-leading fraud prevention technology with ease.

Who Uses the Ubercart 3.x Payment Module?

We released the Ubercart 3.x payment module for companies that wish to develop a secure mobile or Web-based shopping cart with minimal coding required. Built for Drupal 7 (or later), this solution allows you to effortlessly integrate BluePay’s PCI-compliant technology so you can begin processing secure payments as quickly as possible.

This payment module is already a complete turnkey solution that works out of the box. But because Ubercart and Drupal are both open source, businesses that need greater control can easily customize the underlying code to better suit their needs.

Installing and Configuring BluePay’s Ubercart 3.x Payment Module

Before getting started with the Ubercart 3.x payment module, you’ll need to verify that your mobile or Web platform is using Drupal version 7. If your e-commerce store is built on Drupal 6, you’ll need to download the earlier Ubercart 2.x add-on.

To install and configure the Ubercart 3.x payment module:

  • Download the Ubercart 3.x Payment Module
  • Extract uc_bluepay directory into ./modules/ubercart/payment/
  • Log into your company’s Drupal site (as an Admin)
  • Go to Administer > Modules
  • Install any dependencies (including “Token”)
  • Check the BluePay option
  • Go to the Payment Gateway page and enter in your private BluePay Secret Key/Account ID
  • Choose the Transaction Type and Mode
And you’re done. Your e-commerce store can now begin accepting Web and mobile payments using BluePay’s secure PCI-compliant processing technology.

Need Help with BluePay’s Ubercart 3.x Payment Module?

We designed the Ubercart 3.x payment module to be as intuitive as possible. But if you have questions about the API, plugin or anything else regarding the Ubercart 3.x Payment Module integration, please contact our integration support team: [email protected] or 800-350-2684.

Alternatively, you can visit Ubercart’s online community, where you’ll find an active forum of knowledgeable experts who can help troubleshoot any problems you might have.

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