Ubercart 2.x

Integrate our PCI-compliant payment processing into your e-commerce site (Drupal 6 version) to make your customers’ shopping experience easier and more secure.

The Ubercart 2.x Payment Module integrates the e-commerce open source for Drupal 6 with BluePay's payment environment.

About the Ubercart 2.x Payment Module

Ubercart is a leading open source e-commerce platform that fully integrates with Drupal's award-winning content management system (CMS). With version 2.x of Ubercart, users can easily monetize their products and services, offer paid downloads and build an entire community around pre-existing mobile and Web applications.

With the release of BluePay’s dedicated Ubercart 2.x payment module, users can now integrate our PCI-compliant payment processing into pre-existing e-commerce sites and mobile stores. Make your customers’ shopping experiences easier and more secure.

Like most of the third-party payment options on our site, the Ubercart 2.x payment module was developed and tested by trusted members within the larger BluePay community.

Why Use the Ubercart 2.x Payment Module?

We released this payment solution for any business that currently uses Drupal (version 6) and wants to build a secure shopping cart with minimal coding required.

The Ubercart payment module’s intuitive integration and easy installation allow you to leverage BluePay's PCI-compliant payment technology without having to program any extra security features from scratch. However, because both Drupal and Ubercart are open-source platforms, experienced coders can easily customize their shopping carts based on individual needs.

How to Set Up the Ubercart 2.x Payment Module

Before installing and configuring the Ubercart 2.x payment module, make sure that you are using Drupal 6. If your current mobile or Web platform uses Drupal 7, please visit BluePay’s dedicated Ubercart 3.x payment module instead.

To get started with version 2.x of BluePay’s Ubercart payment solution, simply:

  • Download the Ubercart 2.x Payment Module
  • Extract uc_bluepay directory into ./modules/ubercart/payment/
  • Log into your Drupal site (as an Administrator)
  • Once logged in, go to Administer > Modules
  • Install any dependencies — including “Token”
  • Click on the checkbox option next to BluePay
  • Visit the Payment Gateway page and key in your BluePay Account ID/Secret Key
  • Choose the Transaction Mode and Type

That’s it. You can now begin accepting secure mobile and Web payments through your Ubercart e-commerce store.

Need Additional Help Setting Up the Ubercart 2.x Payment Module?

We designed the Ubercart 2.x payment module to be as intuitive as possible. But if you have questions about the API, plugin or anything else regarding the Ubercart 2.x Payment Module integration, please contact our integration support team: [email protected] or 800-350-2684.

Alternatively, you can visit Ubercart’s online community, where you’ll find an active forum full of knowledgeable experts who can help troubleshoot any problems you might have.

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