Integrating BluePay’s secure payment gateway with your Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is easy and provides a high level of security.

What doesn’t Oracle provide? The company’s vast roster of products and services includes applications, operating systems, databases, servers, engineered systems, storage and tape, enterprise management, networking and data center fabric products, java, virtualization, middleware, cloud services, consulting and more. If you're using Oracle's ERP system to run your business, BluePay allows you to consolidate platforms and simplify your business routine. By accepting payments directly within your Oracle interface, you save time and centralize your business operation. BluePay works closely with your enterprise to build a custom integration that answers to your unique business needs, ensuring that the right solution is at your fingertips.

If you’re using an Oracle product or service as part of your business solution, integrating the BluePay Gateway with your Oracle system will:

  • Ensure that your customers’ payment data remains secure, due to BluePay’s secure platform, which is fully compliant with the PCI Standards Council
  • Decrease your liability regarding the security of client financial information using tokenization technology
  • Offer a smooth and easy integration of BluePay’s platform to your company’s Oracle credit card processing system
  • Allow for customization so that BluePay’s client payment processing solution is designed to your specifications and needs
  • Provide around-the-clock monitoring of your Oracle payment processing account for fraud and outsider compromise
  • Give 24/7 customer support

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