Users of the church donation software from iGivings can also take advantage of BluePay's secure online payment technology.

iGivings helps churches, ministries and other religious organizations increase donations, attendance and even outreach by offering progressive mobile fundraising solutions to current and potential church members/donors.

If your church uses iGivings, engage BluePay for your online giving processes and:

  • You and your donors will know that their payments, tithes and other monetary gifts to your church are secure via BluePay’s cutting-edge and PCI-certified payment processing gateway
  • Your church management will breathe easier knowing that your organization’s liability has decreased when it comes to the security of your members’ financial data
  • Your members can use iGiving’s mobile donation app without worrying that their credit/debit card information could be stolen — BluePay’s payment solutions are completely secure
  • You can create a payment processing solution that fits your ministry’s unique needs
  • BluePay monitors your account for fraud and offers customer support 24 hours a day, every single day of the year, including holidays

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