Drupal Payment Module

Build Drupal payment Web forms and start processing payments — it’s easy, quick and secure.

About the Drupal 6 Payment Module

Drupal is one of the largest and most trusted content management systems in the world. Completely open source and supported by an active community, it is used by more than 1 million people across nearly 230 countries.

While it’s possible to code e-commerce functionality into the Drupal platform, the dedicated BluePay Drupal 6 plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate our secure payment processing directly into your site.

And getting started couldn't be easier.

How to Install the Drupal 6 Pay Module

  1. Download the Drupal 6 Payment Module folder to your desktop. [Link to the zip folder]
  2. Copy and paste the “bluepaywebform” directory to the modules directory for your site.
  3. While logged in as an Admin, navigate to Administer -> Build -> Modules -> and enable the module.
  4. Next, go to Administer -> Site Configuration -> BluePay Payment Webform. In the URL dropdown, you have the option of choosing Developer Server (default) or the Main BluePay Server. Choose the first option for testing — choose the second for live transactions.
  5. You can also add additional "custom" fields by entering in the appropriate key and description. For a list of correct key names, click here. [Page wasn’t found; now sure where the link should go.]
  6. Add your BluePay Account ID (note that this is not the same as your Merchant ID).
  7. Add your BluePay Secret Key (note that this is not the same as your BluePay password).
  8. Make sure that the "Change Login Information" box is checked.
  9. Save your configuration.

Now you're ready to begin building payment Web forms for your site.

How to Build Drupal Payment Web Forms

Creating Web forms is easy with the Drupal 6 pay module. For each component that you choose to add, you can select a BluePay field to link to. Required payment fields are already listed for easy mapping. To add custom fields, navigate to Administer -> Site Configuration -> BluePay Payment Webform.

The last entry in each Web form is reserved for hidden Transaction IDs. These IDs must be mapped to the appropriate BluePay key in order for the module to work correctly.

Save your newly created Web form — and you're ready to begin processing payments.

Every time a user submits your Web form, credit and debit card data will be processed, authorized and charged. Note that there may be brief delays during this authorization process.

For security purposes, no sensitive credit card information is stored in your database. You’ll only see the last four digits of the user's personal account number (PAN). Xs will replace all remaining digits.

Need Help with the Drupal 6 Payment Module?

If you ever need help installing, configuring or using BluePay's Drupal 6 Payment Module integration, please contact our integration support team: [email protected] or 800-350-2684.

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