Practices who use for their online support services can now take advantage of BluePay's secure electronic payment solutions. is a revolutionary online counseling solution custom designed for therapists and counselors to provide live, secure, and confidential services to their clients who need support online. The complete counseling practice management solution offers many beneficial features including live online chat, video sessions, custom questionnaires and forms, email messaging, calendar and scheduling capabilities, billing and invoicing, treatment plans, and so much more.

Integrating the solution with BluePay's secure payment processing offers your business:

  • Credit and debit card acceptance using top of the line secure technology like tokenization and point-to-point encryption
  • Recurring billing cycles for clients that are easy to manage and modify
  • Custom payment processing solution that fits your practice's unique needs
  • 24/7 fraud monitoring and customer support
  • Robust suite of fraud management tools that help you detect fraud faster and protect your business
  • Peace of mind knowing that your online counseling solution is confidential and secure, and so are your customers' payments

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