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ASAP Connected Talks About Benefits of BluePay for Its Clients (Video Transcription)

ASAP Connected is a student information system that provides services to schools like an elementary school district or a high school district, colleges and universities and nonprofits that are offering classes, events, private lessons, like music programs, to a geographic community around them.

Some of the problems we faced before we started partnering with BluePay was a long merchant account process. It was cumbersome. It was causing our clients stress. We wanted an offering that our clients could easily understand. We didn't want to have to deal with calls all the time where we had to explain what is a merchant account, how does it work, what are the fees, how does all that complexity work.

BluePay was able to offer a product to our clients that was simple. It was straightforward. It was a flat rate, no other fees involved. And that is very attractive to a lot of our clients.

BluePay has routinely won quite a lot of the business because they offer great support. For us, it's very important for the turnaround time that an account is reviewed, approved very quickly, and that it removes the stress from both our company as well as our client's company.

One of the things that we found over the last few years is that when we have a big opportunity with a client, but they kind of need one last trigger to get them to come across and come over to our product, the competitiveness of BluePay's pricing has allowed us to win the deal because of the savings they earn on the merchant side is actually almost to the effect of providing our product for free, and so that's been a huge benefit for us as we've won some pretty major accounts because of that.

BluePay is great to work with. Number one, I get a lot of communication with my contacts at BluePay. They help explain what's going on. When there's issues or trouble, they communicate with me directly so I know what's happening. They're also very good about communicating new products and possible new things that we could offer to our clients, which makes our product that much better for them.

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