Accept credit and debit cards anywhere, anytime —from your smartphone or tablet — with BluePay’s wireless merchant account services.

Secure Wireless Merchant Services

BluePay makes mobile credit card processing as easy as turning on your tablet or smartphone. Our wireless merchant accounts have the following benefits:

  • Just turn on your smartphone or tablet and enter your customer's credit card information — the amount of the sale is instantly verified and deducted from the customer’s balance
  • Swipe credit cards, issue refunds and email receipts from your handheld device or your compatible wireless terminal
  • BluePay’s secure PCI-compliant technology protects against fraud and identity theft

Getting Started with iPad and iPhone

Accepting major credit cards from your iPhone or iPad is simple. All you need to do is download BluePay’s free mobile payment app, plug in the optional encrypted card swiper and you’re ready to go! Accept credit and debit cards, sign and email receipts, and sell and refund from anywhere, anytime. Your wireless sales are protected with BluePay’s P2PE, gateway tokenization and PCI-compliant technology.

Fast Wireless Payment Processing with Android

Our Android credit card encrypted swiper is efficient, secure and easy to use. To get started, download the free mobile payment app, plug in the Android credit card reader and start accepting major credit cards. Process and pre-authorize payments instantly, allow customers to sign and receive receipts right from your Android and provide refunds. BluePay’s PCI-compliant technology, including tokenization and P2PE, protects your data.

Encrypted Credit Card Swiper

Process payments using a BluePay encrypted card swiper to reduce your PCI scope. Why is this important? If your mobile device is ever lost or stolen, thieves are unable to access any customer information or account numbers. By using the encrypted card reader, sensitive payment data is prevented from ever hitting your mobile device.

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