BluePay’s retail services credit card processing will help you improve point-of-sale transactions while increasing your retail sales by as much as 30 percent!

Retail Credit Card Processing for Improved Point-of-Sale

BluePay’s retail credit card processing solutions allow merchants to offer flexible payment methods at the point of sale, including major credit cards, debit cards and ACH/eChecks.

  • Improve customer service with quick, safe, efficient checkouts and advanced credit card processing terminals that include EMV and Apple Pay/NFC payments
  • Save money with BluePay’s low low retail credit card processing fees and free retail credit card terminal program
  • Swipe credit cards securely by implementing PCI-compliant payment solutions

Efficient Retail Credit Card Processing Terminals

BluePay retail merchant accounts allow you to authorize point-of-sale transactions quickly and efficiently with the latest POS equipment. Customers can swipe their credit cards or enter their debit PINs with ease and security, creating a retail payment processing system that leads to more transactions in a shorter period of time. With faster checkouts and efficient data verifications, you improve customer service while dramatically increasing sales.

PCI-Compliant Credit Card Processing for Retail Businesses

At BluePay, keeping credit card information secure is a top priority. Our retail merchant solutions comply with PCI DSS, maintaining the highest levels of security to minimize the risk of credit card fraud. PCI-compliant security features, such as point-to-point encryption (P2PE), keep credit card numbers encrypted from the point of swipe to authorization and every point in between, while address verification systems help verify the true cardholder. Protect your business and your customers with BluePay!

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BluePay has reduced my credit card processing fees significantly while at the same time greatly improving service levels and responsiveness.  I could not ask for a better business partner.

Tom Lally, Owner 
Alexandria Pastry Shop, Alexandria, VA
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