Retail Merchant Account

With credit card processing from BluePay, retail transactions are worry-free and hassle-free for customers and retailers alike.

Simplified Retail Credit Card Processing

Limiting the types of payment that you accept also limits your customer base, as today’s consumers carry less cash and rely heavily on their credit cards and debit cards to make purchases, both large and small. With BluePay’s retail merchant account services, you can start accepting credit cards right away — increasing profits as customers spend more on impulse buys and higher-end purchases that they wouldn’t normally pay for with cash. Setup is quick and easy, and our streamlined solutions help to simplify the payment process.

  • Make checkout quick and secure via PCI-compliant credit card terminals equipped with EMV and NFC technology
  • Enjoy low processing rates designed with retailers in mind
  • Take advantage of flexible technology with options such as mobile and tablet payments

A Versatile Range of In-Store Credit Card Terminals

Today’s consumers care about convenience when they make purchases. They’re on-the-go, well informed and extremely busy. With BluePay’s retail merchant account equipment options, you can deliver the convenient shopping experience customers expect in your store. Choose from stand-alone credit card machines or our tablet and smartphone options, as well as traditional point-of-sale systems — we’ve got a technology solution that fits your business.

Efficient Credit Card Machines for Retail Checkout

Faster checkouts mean a more efficient business and a better bottom line. With BluePay’s up-to-date POS credit card machines, you can authorize point-of-sale transactions quickly and efficiently. Our equipment is a fast, reliable cornerstone of your retail transaction, designed for a hassle-free shopping experience.

PCI Compliance at the Register and Beyond

Customers are more attentive than ever to credit card security, and BluePay helps retailers comply with PCI DSS standards to minimize the risk of credit card fraud. You get the advantage of PCI compliant equipment, rich with features like point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and address verification systems (AVS). Build greater trust — and customer loyalty — by protecting your customers’ sensitive credit card data with BluePay.

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