Restaurant Credit Card Processing

BluePay offers comprehensive restaurant payment processing solutions to meet your growing needs, complete with low rates that help you save money while improving your bottom line.


BluePay’s simple and convenient restaurant payment processing solutions allow you to focus on your business while increasing profits and improving service.

  • Transfer restaurant tabs, add gratuity, and speed up checkout with an efficient, customized restaurant merchant account
  • Synchronize your restaurant payment processing with popular hospitality POS platforms such as Aldelo, Aloha, Squirrel, POS Value Exchange, Micros and many more
  • Attract new customers and improve retention by offering secure, EMV chip-enabled restaurant credit card processing through your POS system


Today’s diners not only expect exceptional food when eating out, but they also expect a fast, simple, and secure restaurant payment process that makes it easy to pay and tip with their credit and debit cards.

Efficient service keeps patrons coming back. BluePay’s easy-to-use restaurant merchant account software and equipment allow wait staff to focus more on food service and hospitality — not on restaurant payment processing and compatibility issues.

We work closely with you to make sure your payment processing integrates seamlessly with your POS equipment, eliminating wasted time and the need for multiple restaurant payment systems.

Server swiping a credit card at a restaurant POS system


Secure your business with PCI-compliant restaurant credit card processing solutions that reduce the risk of fraud. You can count on BluePay’s high-level industry experience to provide safe and efficient restaurant card processing that protects your bottom line. Don’t let compromised data devastate your business — trust in BluePay and keep your data safe.

We cannot stress this point enough.

Because no industry is immune to payment fraud, every business that captures, processes or stores credit card data should take PCI compliance seriously. However, restaurant payment systems are especially vulnerable due to their double-risk exposure. In addition to patrons who use stolen credit cards, you must deal with internal employees who occasionally copy unattended cards.

Failure to protect your restaurant from this dual threat could result in substantial costs. Not only might you have to cover fraudulent losses out of pocket, but you also could be subjected to punitive damages and fees for failing to maintain a more secure restaurant payment environment. In addition, it can take months to dispute each fraudulent charge in your system. Even when successful, you might never regain the confidence of your patrons.

More specifically:

  • We provide wireless POS systems that allow all restaurant card processing to happen at the table. Because no credit card ever leaves its owner, you can dramatically reduce internal employee abuse.
  • Our POS terminals can accept multiple payment types — including chip-enabled EMV credit cards and contactless payment solutions. These more secure restaurant merchant processing options can help reduce external abuse from criminals posing as patrons.
  • As part of our comprehensive restaurant merchant services, we also offer mobile payment processing solutions to help you securely sell to hungry patrons at festivals, food fairs, and other off-site events.

In addition, our restaurant payment processing solutions are all backed by PCI-compliant data security, complete with real-time credit card tokenization and point-to-point encryption (P2PE). If you regularly accept restaurant payments online for takeout or delivery, we also provide advanced fraud management filters to help shield your business from cyber abuse.

To learn more about how BluePay’s PCI-compliant restaurant payment processing can help eliminate fraud, save you money, and improve the dining experience, contact us today using the button below.

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