Restaurant Merchant Account

Whether you’re a quick service, sit-down or fine dining restaurant, you can rely on BluePay’s restaurant payment processing solutions to provide high levels of customer satisfaction and security.

Your Customized Restaurant Merchant Account

At BluePay, we understand that each restaurant’s payment needs are unique, from quick and easy service in a fast food line, to the ability to add gratuity to the bill at a fine dining establishment. Our restaurant merchant account solutions allow you to customize your payment features and processing equipment to fit your needs, so you can focus your time on your patrons.

  • Offer your customers fast, flexible and secure payment processing options, including mobile, wireless and online processing
  • Process payments directly in all the major restaurant POS systems such as Micros, Aloha, Aldelo, Radiant, Squirrel, Maitre'D and many more
  • Protect credit card data from hackers and thieves with BluePay’s advanced PCI-compliant tools such as tokenization and point-to-point encryption (P2PE)

Beyond the Traditional Credit Card Terminal

Restaurateurs have long been using the traditional credit card machine to accept card-present payments at the point of service. Is there anything new in foodservice payments? BluePay offers restaurant merchants several credit card processing options that go beyond the traditional terminal, making card payments even more convenient for diners.

  • Simplified Online Orders
    Restaurants that offer takeout service can expand their customer base and boost their profits by putting their menu online and accepting electronic payments. Reducing the amount of time spent taking phone orders saves you time, and Web ordering improves customer convenience.
  • Wireless Tableside Payment Processing
    A wireless credit card terminal allows servers to swipe cards right at the table for more efficient card processing. Payment is faster, easier and more secure — your customers’ cards never leave their sight.
  • Serve Food and Accept Cards Anywhere
    Mobile credit card processing is ideal for festivals, farmers markets, food trucks and catering. Accept credit cards, debit cards and even checks via your smartphone. No hardware is required, so costs are kept low while profits increase.

PCI Compliance for Maximum Protection

PCI compliance is required for any merchant who accepts credit card payments for business. BluePay is PCI compliant, which means that all our products meet the highest security standards. When you open a restaurant merchant account with us, you can rest easy knowing that your risks of credit card fraud and data theft are greatly reduced.

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