Government Payment Credit Card Processing

Count on BluePay's secure government credit card processing to help you accept payments from municipal, state,and federal customers today!

Government Payment Processing Made Easy

Do you supply products or services to government agencies? Look to BluePay for reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use government payment solutions.

  • Enjoy secure transactions with the highest level of encryption and tokenization, beyond the standard PCI requirements for most government payment solutions
  • Accept Level 3 transactions with the line item details often required by agencies that need government payment processing
  • Take advantage of lower interchange costs by processing Level 3 transactions

Secure Government Payment Processing Solutions

Enabling government credit card processing maximizes your ability to capture lucrative sales from some of the country's biggest spenders - i.e., municipal, state, and federal agencies.

These organizations often use government-issued Level 3 credit cards for big-ticket purchases. With our government payment processing, you're better positioned to win their business if your payment environment is set up to handle these more detailed payment transactions.

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Is My Business Eligible for Government Credit Card Processing?

Any business that provides a product or service to an agency that pays with a government-issued credit card is a candidate for this service.

BluePay Government Payment Solutions

BluePay removes all the guesswork from government credit card processing. We accomplish this by making payments between you and your governmental customers easy, fast, and secure.

By helping you qualify for lower interchange rates, our government credit card processing services are also more affordable than most B2C and B2B payment solutions out there.

Let BluePay help you qualify today!

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BluePay provides comprehensive, high quality credit card processing for my company. Since much of our business is with agencies of the Federal Government, it is important for us to have a provider who minimizes our costs while at the same time maximizes our funds availability.

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