Business Merchant Account

BluePay’s credit card processing services are designed for specific merchant types, so you get the solution that best suits you and your customers.

What Is a Business Merchant Account?

A credit card merchant account allows merchants to accept multiple types of payment, including credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments. As payment processing technology continues to advance, your customers expect fast, flexible and secure options when making payments large and small. Limiting the types of payment you accept can, in turn, limit your customer base. Setting up a BluePay merchant account not only improves your business and increases cash flow, but it provides you with the technology and security you need in today’s challenging and highly competitive market.

Business Merchant Account Basics

From home-based business merchant accounts to enterprise merchant accounts, BluePay offers a full suite of products that can be customized to meet the needs of any type of merchant.

  • POS systems designed to authorize credit, debit and ACH/eCheck payments at the point of sale almost instantly
  • The BluePay Gateway eliminates the hassle of third-party gateways for an all-in-one business merchant account solution
  • ACH payment acceptance expands processing capabilities with electronic check payments, direct deposit and e-commerce processing
  • Electronic invoicing reduces costs associated with paper billing while dramatically increasing customer convenience and cash flow
  • Mobile processing lets you take your business on the go and accept credit card payments from your smartphone or tablet
  • Secure hosted payment forms allow merchants to accept and process credit cards online through a Web form hosted on BluePay’s secure server
  • Tokenization and encryption protect stored data to reduce your PCI scope and business liability, while increasing your business’s integrity

PCI Compliance for Business Merchant Accounts

At BluePay, keeping credit card data safe is a top priority. By complying with PCI DSS standards, BluePay ensures the highest level of data security to protect merchants from the risks of data theft and fraud. Protect your businesses and your customers with BluePay!

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Who is BluePay?

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